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eSports, also known as electronic sports, are organized video game competitions that have gained immense popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional sports, eSports do not require physical athleticism; instead, they demand virtual prowess and strategic thinking from the players.

These competitions are no small affair. They often fill arenas, where players’ screens are projected on 360-degree Jumbotrons for all to see, while fans and fellow players cheer on their favorites. Matches can involve individual players, doubles, or teams, with sponsors often backing the latter.

While organized gaming competitions have been around for a while, eSports as a professional sport didn’t take off until the late 2000s, largely thanks to advancements in live streaming technology. By the mid-2010s, eSports had become an integral part of the video game industry, with developers even designing games tailored for tournament-style play.

The question of whether eSports should be considered a sport has sparked debate. Some argue that their popularity and the level of skill required make them worthy of the title, while others contend that playing video games can’t be compared to traditional sports. The term “mind sport” has emerged as a compromise, acknowledging the strategic and skillful nature of eSports without implying physical athleticism.

Regardless of the ongoing debate, eSports have firmly established themselves as a significant and inseparable aspect of video game culture. As they continue to captivate millions of fans worldwide, it’s clear that eSports are here to stay.

The inclusion of eSports as an official Olympic sport is still a topic of ongoing discussion within the International Olympics Committee. In October 2017, the committee acknowledged that competitive eSports could be considered a sporting activity, given the intense preparation and training of its players. However, any video games used in the Olympics would need to comply with the rules and regulations of the Olympic movement.

In December 2019, the IOC reaffirmed its willingness to consider eSports for the Olympics but specified that only games simulating physical sports or promoting good physical and mental health lifestyles would be eligible. Additionally, virtual and augmented reality games requiring physical activity could also be considered.

While we await the final decision from the IOC, one thing is clear: there are already numerous exciting eSports competitions taking place. For those interested in betting on eSports, there are plenty of reliable sportsbooks available, regardless of the ongoing debate about whether eSports are “true sports” or not. At the end of the day, what matters is that these competitions offer opportunities for wagering, making it a straightforward choice for enthusiasts.

eSports sportsbooks offer a variety of games for betting, similar to traditional online sportsbooks for football, baseball, basketball, and others. However, it’s essential to note that the selection of games available will depend on the specific eSports sportsbook you choose. As eSports betting is still developing, some sportsbooks may have a more limited offering compared to established sportsbooks.

Typically, you can expect to find between 5 and 12 eSports categories on the best eSports betting sites. While the game offerings may differ from site to site, certain popular games tend to be available across most platforms due to their prominence in tournaments. These games include:

– Call of Duty
– Counter-Strike
– League of Legends
– Starcraft
– Defense of the Ancients (DOTA 2)
– Hearthstone
– Overwatch
– World of Tanks
– Smite

Occasionally, you might come across one or two other eSports games on some sites, but the ones mentioned above are among the most frequently featured on reputable eSports betting platforms.

Do eSports betting sites offer live streaming of competitions?
Yes, most eSports betting sites consistently provide live streaming capabilities. While this feature is somewhat common in traditional sportsbooks, it is much more extensive and integral to eSports platforms. Almost all reputable eSports sportsbooks offer live streaming for their featured tournaments, as it is a crucial part of the eSports experience.

Even if you are not a hardcore gaming enthusiast, eSports betting can still be a captivating and immersive experience, akin to live betting. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many traditional sports are affected, eSports remains one of the few active sports. So, it’s worth exploring if you want to keep your betting interest alive.

Can US players use eSports betting sites?
Finding a dedicated US eSports sportsbook might be challenging, given the nature of internet gambling regulations. However, there is often overlap between eSports sportsbooks and traditional sportsbooks. If you find an online sportsbook that accepts US players, there’s a good chance it will also feature eSports betting.

Furthermore, many eSports betting sites are tech-savvy and may accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Since Bitcoin-friendly sites are more likely to accommodate US players, this could offer some hope for American bettors looking to engage in eSports betting.

What are the key factors that make the best eSports betting site?

When looking for the best eSports betting site, my criteria are quite similar to what I seek in any top-quality betting platform. These key factors include excellent site design and user experience, a wide range of useful features, a diverse selection of sports to bet on, active markets, competitive odds, attractive promotions and bonuses, as well as a reputation for credibility, safety, and outstanding customer service. Although these aspects are essential, they don’t encompass every single detail that contributes to a site being considered one of the best eSports betting platforms. However, they serve as a solid starting point to guide your search.

It’s worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to finding the best eSports sportsbook. Each site has its strengths and weaknesses. Some may excel in offering great odds but lack a visually appealing design, while others may have immersive user interfaces but limited eSports options. In short, perfection is rare.

While no site is perfect, there are definitely options that come much closer to being the ideal fit for you. The best eSports sportsbook for you will depend on your personal preferences and betting style. From the list of top eSports sportsbooks provided, you’re likely to discover the one that best aligns with your needs.

With that in mind, happy betting and best of luck in finding the perfect eSports sportsbook for your betting journey!

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