Tipstrr Review – Automated Proofing Of Sports Tipsters

Tipstrr is an online platform that connects sports bettors with expert tipsters that provide betting advice and predictions to improve their chances of winning.


Tipstrr, which began in 2014, is an open platform that connects sports tipsters and bettors with the goal of increasing long-term revenue while resolving trust issues in the tipster industry. Tipstrr focuses on transparency by verifying advised odds and tracking tipster performance, making information available for all to view.

Tipstrr allows tipsters to publish sports tips for free or by subscription, with top performers earning the most followers. The platform also provides free sports content, such as match previews and top earners’ countdowns.

Tipstrr uses an automatic proofreading method to assure trustworthiness by continuously reviewing tipsters’ picks. This procedure lowers the chance of scammers and provides visitors with detailed performance data on a variety of parameters.

Tipstrr’s commitment to openness and real-time betting prohibits deceptive methods such as “profit bloating,” ensuring accuracy and responsibility. Learn more about Tipstrr’s features in the following article.


To utilize Tipstrr efficiently, take the following steps:

  • Explore Tipstrr: Go to the Tipstrr website and learn about the available sports and tipsters. Browse the various categories and tipster profiles to find individuals that share your hobbies and tastes.
  • Before subscribing to any tipster, undertake extensive investigation. Examine their performance statistics, past results, and total profitability. Look for steady and dependable tipsters who have a track record of accomplishment.
  • Choose tipsters: Choose one or more tipsters based on your research and preferences. Consider the sports they concentrate in, the frequency of tips, and the subscription rates.
  • Ensure that their betting style is consistent with your own.
  • Subscribe: Once you’ve decided on your tipsters, continue the Tipstrr platform’s subscription process. Before committing to a subscription, review the terms and prices connected with each tipster.
  • Manage your bankroll: Create a budget for your betting activity and distribute funds accordingly. It is critical to manage your bankroll sensibly and not risk more than you can afford to lose. Tipstrr offers bankroll management solutions to help you manage your betting dollars.
  • Receive Tips: Once subscribed, you will begin receiving tips from the selected tipsters. These tips can be obtained via email notifications or straight via the Tipstrr portal. Take note of the recommended bets, staking strategies, and any further analysis supplied by the tipsters.
  • Track Performance: Keep track of how the tipsters you follow are performing. Tipstrr offers clear performance tracking, allowing you to examine each tipster’s success rate, ROI (return on investment), and other pertinent information. Regularly evaluate their performance to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Exercise Your Own Judgment: While tipsters can supply useful information, it’s crucial to use your own judgment. Before you place any wagers, consider team news, injuries, and other important facts. Tipstrr should be used as a tool to help you make better betting selections, but you are ultimately responsible for your own betting.

Always gamble responsibly. Set time and monetary limitations for your betting activities.

Browsing Tipsters

Users can begin shopping for tipsters on Tipstrr without even creating an account. There is no paywall that prevents users from browsing the platform’s profit records. So, where do you start?

I recommend sorting tipsters by sport. Searching for recommendations on certain events is fantastic in theory, but it doesn’t necessarily yield a diverse range of possibilities until close to the event day. That is one drawback in an otherwise excellent UI.

In terms of sports available, Tipstrr is targeted on the UK’s faves, football and horse racing, so stick with them. Unfortunately, certain other sports are underrepresented on Tipstrr, as the platform clearly requires greater impact from other sporting disciplines. Nonetheless, there are some really solid solutions that will appeal to individuals who value honest service above all else.

Let’s take a look at horse racing, Tipstrr’s most popular sport. If you want free tipsters, click the blue hyperlink in the introduction paragraph. Following that, Tipstrr recommends some of its paid services.


The key to making the most of the site is to pick tipsters with the most consistent long-term track record. I’ll teach you how to achieve this with the filters.

Filter by Sample Size & ROI

To access the search feature, scroll down to the bottom of the page. I recommend adding the filters listed below:

  • Tipster type: All.
  • Period: All time.
  • Minimum ROI: 5% (respectable for non-horse racing).
  • Minimum tips: 500 (more is preferable).

Keep in mind that a big sample size is necessary for judging outcomes.

Checking The Stats

Always click ‘see stats’ on a tipster’s profile page to learn more about their service. Here’s what you should look for:

1. An excellent ‘level stake’ performance

Make an educated prediction about whether a service will perform successfully in the future. There are no certainties, but to increase your chances, I recommend selecting the ‘flat stake’ option and reviewing the performance for:

  • Past three months—look for stability and profitability over recent advice.
  • Look for consistent historical performance since the service’s inception.

In the case of SVB Tips, the ‘All time’ level stakes graph looks fantastic. It is worth noting that this graph always displays the ‘All time’ performance, regardless of the period selected in the dropdown. The data below show the month-on-month performance.

2. High frequency of bets

You want to make sure you get enough tips each month. So scroll to the bottom of the page to see how many selections were tipped in recent months. In this example, the preceding three months have yielded 175, 175, and 215 tips, respectively. That is a reasonable number of bets by most measures. Again, more is better.

3. Practical publishing time

Make sure the provider offers options at a time that is convenient for you. Please refer to the publish time chart for this.

If you cannot place bets between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., this service is not for you.

Publish time

4. Reasonable subscription cost

The fee of a service can be found on the tipster’s profile under the’subscription’ option. Many of them provide a large trial period.

Always evaluate the chances of covering your tipster’s expense based on previous results. A simple approach to accomplish this is to multiply your projected monthly turnover (total stakes) by the ROI. If this readily covers the expense, it is probably right for you. Be warned that some subscriptions may be excessive for your turnover.


Once you subscribe to a tipster (free of charge), you will receive tips via email in the format shown below. It’s tidy, simple, and standardised:



The cost of using Tipstrr varies based on the tipster subscription and desired level of access. Each tipster determines their own subscription cost, which can range from a few pounds/dollars per month to far greater quantities. There are several subscription options, such as monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

Tipstrr offers a premium service, Tipstrr Pro, with an additional subscription charge.

Some tipsters offer free suggestions or trial periods. So, to properly manage expenditures, compare tipsters’ track records to their subscription fees.


Here’s what I enjoy most about the Tipstrr proofreading website.

Automated Proofing

Tipstrr uses automatic proofing techniques to accurately analyze tipsters’ performance.

This contributes to a dynamic approach to performance assessment, ensuring that no service is permanently recommended based merely on past performance. The platform actively monitors and analyzes tipsters’ ongoing performance to ensure consistency and responsibility.


Tipstrr provides comprehensive performance tracking, allowing customers to examine tipsters’ past performance, success rates, and ROI. This transparency promotes accountability and allows people to make more educated decisions about which tipsters to follow.

Lots of Tipsters

Tipstrr allows anyone to sign up for proofing without an invitation. This inclusive approach encourages tipsters from many backgrounds to join the platform, resulting in a varied pool of experienced tipsters specializing in a variety of sports such as football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, American football, and more.

Some of these tipsters have vast knowledge, experience, and competence in their professions, which allows them to provide consumers with valuable insights and forecasts.

Generous offerings

Tipstrr offers free betting tips and insights from a variety of expert tipsters. Furthermore, the platform provides inexpensive trial periods for paid services, allowing customers to sample the benefits of premium tipsters at a lower cost before committing to an annual subscription.

Additional Content

Tipstrr provides free sports content and tipster reports. This features match previews and countdowns that highlight the top earners from the previous month in major sports.


Here’s what I dislike about the Tipstrr proofreading website.

Lacks independence.

It’s worth noting that the Tipstrr platform is not autonomous from its tipsters. The site’s revenue is based on the subscriptions it sells, which may impact how tipsters are pushed or presented on the website.

There is no “Practical Profit”

Tipstrr’s thorough reports may benefit from having a “practical profit” measure that takes into account subscription fees and advised odds. This would provide users a more accurate picture of possible revenues.

Lacks sports.

Tipstrr provides insights and suggestions for prominent sports such as horse racing and football, but does not cover other sports. Punters interested in sports other than these prominent categories may encounter limited alternatives and resources on the platform. Expanding the number of sports covered would significantly increase the platform’s attractiveness to a larger audience.

No event-specific tips

In terms of event-specific advice, there is a lot of space for development.Tipstrr might improve user experience by selling a day pass with access to event tips from renowned tipsters. This would provide users with a wide range of professional perspectives and recommendations for specific events.

No Portfolio Building Advice

Tipstrr might improve its guidance on portfolio development. While the platform offers a variety of tipsters and techniques, it does not provide thorough instruction on how to build a well-rounded portfolio or efficiently manage one’s betting activity. Incorporating tools, instructional resources, or expert portfolio management advice would be extremely beneficial to bettors looking to increase their chances of success.


Tipstrr is recommended mostly for its user-friendly design, powerful auto-proofing mechanism, very detailed reports, and emphasis on transparency throughout. The site poses a serious threat to the vast majority of competing proofing sites, allowing diligent members to find profitable services long before they become popular.

However, Tipstrr, like all other tipster proofreading services I’ve encountered, has room for growth. Tipstrr clearly falls short in various sports. And some of its recommended services are popular enough to cause difficulties in getting on the recommended odds.

Regardless, whether you’re a casual or regular bettor, the service does an excellent job of linking punters with different tipsters. It significantly enhances industry openness and, more importantly, provides opportunities for bettors to increase profitability. It’s a significant step forward for the tipping community, and it deserves an endorsement on our site.

You might be interested in my list of the best tipping websites, which includes Tipstrr. Alternatively, feel free to browse my fave tipsters for all major sports below (the majority of which were discovered using Tipstrr):

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  • Free
  • Multiples
  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Esports
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