Beginners Guide to Futsal Betting

If you’re venturing into the world of futsal betting, you’ve made a commendable choice! OddsHome applauds your interest in this unique sport. While it’s regrettable that futsal may not enjoy the same level of popularity as traditional football (or soccer), it offers an exhilarating alternative. Futsal is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature, with fewer interruptions compared to conventional matches.

If you’re a fan of blistering offensive plays and mind-boggling dribbles, then futsal betting is your playground. Despite being overshadowed by its more prominent sibling, this sport has been gaining traction in the world of online sportsbooks. We understand if you’re a bit skeptical, but fear not—placing bets on futsal matches is much simpler than it may initially appear.

Still not convinced? Well, you’ll soon see for yourself as you delve into our comprehensive beginner’s guide to futsal betting. We’ve left no stone unturned, providing insights into the game’s rules, its intriguing history, and a glimpse into the most prestigious futsal competitions. Plus, we’ll throw in some tips to help you discover the best futsal betting sites out there.

Excited? If so, gear up and prepare to unlock the full potential of every futsal bet you place. Absorb the knowledge, and you’ll be well-prepared to dive into the action. Without further delay, let’s dive into the rules…

Understanding the Rules

Futsal, often seen as a condensed version of traditional football, is far more than meets the eye. To truly grasp the essence of futsal, picture it as “indoor football,” infused with elements from basketball, water polo, and handball. How does this translate into the game? Let’s break it down:

  • A futsal match lasts 40 minutes, mirroring the duration of a basketball game, and even includes the option for timeouts.
  • Goalkeepers have a mere 4 seconds to release the ball, unable to touch it again unless a stoppage of play occurs or an opposing player gains possession—a rule reminiscent of water polo.
  • The futsal field, spanning 125–138 feet by 66–82 feet, is slightly larger than a handball court, with goals of identical size.

While it might sound unconventional on paper, this amalgamation of influences from various sports is precisely what makes futsal so captivating. It addresses the shortcomings of traditional football without straying too far from the sport’s fundamental principles.

How Does a Futsal Match Work?

A futsal match unfolds over a total of 40 minutes, divided into two 20-minute halves, with a 15-minute intermission between them. Teams have the option to call for a 1-minute timeout per half to strategize.

On the field, there are five players at any given moment, one of whom serves as the goalkeeper. Additionally, official matches include a bench with nine substitute players, allowing for a total of 12 players to be utilized during the game. Remarkably, the number of substitutions is unrestricted, enabling coaches to make changes as frequently as desired. This flexibility stems from futsal’s lightning-fast pace and physically demanding nature, encouraging regular player rotation.

The primary objective of the game remains straightforward: score more goals than the opposing team. While football often allows for draws unless it’s a knockout stage match, certain futsal competitions have chosen to eliminate this possibility. Consequently, if two teams are level in goals at the end of regulation time, they proceed to settle the outcome with penalty kicks—a practice that may vary from one country to another.

Futsal Fouls, Kick-ins & Refereeing

Much like football, futsal enforces fouls when players engage in any form of unlawful contact that impedes an opponent. This encompasses a range of actions, including kicking, tripping, pushing, holding, and similar infractions. Such fouls lead to a direct free kick, positioning the ball precisely where the offense occurred, with any of the four outfield players eligible to take a direct shot at the goal.

Certain fouls, however, result in an indirect free kick. In these instances, the free-kick taker must first pass the ball to a teammate before an attempt on goal can be made. Indirect free kicks typically arise from incidents of dangerous play, time-wasting, or verbal abuse directed at the referee or fellow players. In cases where a foul is particularly egregious, a player receives a yellow card. Accumulating two yellow cards in a single game results in a red card and immediate expulsion from the match.

When the ball exits the field’s boundaries, players execute a kick-in from the touchline. Opponents must maintain a minimum distance of 16 feet from the ball until the kick-in is completed. The player responsible for the return must complete the action within 4 seconds; failing to do so awards the opposing team a free-kick.

Futsal matches are officiated by two or three referees. One remains stationed near the timekeeper’s table, while the other patrols the opposite touchline. If a third referee is present, their focus typically centers on monitoring the team benches. These officials possess the authority to issue yellow or red cards in response to various infractions, including altercations, unauthorized field entries, verbal disputes, and other forms of misconduct.

As you can see, futsal has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it an accessible sport for both players and fans. With approximately 80% of the rules and elements mirroring those of football, minimal preparation is required to appreciate the game fully—making futsal betting an enticing prospect.

Where to Find Futsal Betting Websites?

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While a solid grasp of the rules is undeniably important, your potential for success in futsal betting significantly hinges on your choice of bookmakers. Why, you ask? It all boils down to value and convenience. When a platform offers favorable futsal betting odds, your long-term winnings can soar. Conversely, a subpar and user-unfriendly website can transform an enjoyable pastime into a frustrating ordeal.

This is precisely why the OddsHome team has diligently curated a list of the top bookmakers catering to futsal betting. Each site featured in our selection has undergone thorough scrutiny to ensure it merits your valuable time. Rest assured, we prioritize critical factors such as security, licensing, and customer support—elements that form the foundation of a reliable betting experience.

So, here’s your straightforward path: peruse our comprehensive guide, select a site that aligns with your preferences, claim a bonus, and let the games begin. Wishing you the best of luck and wise betting decisions!

Which Are the Most Popular Competitions?

While many futsal betting sites offer a wide array of competitions to wager on—an enticing prospect for diversity enthusiasts—it’s crucial to exercise discretion when choosing your markets. Less-publicized tournaments often lack comprehensive coverage, making it challenging to gather the information needed for informed betting decisions.

Here’s our recommendation: focus your bets on the following premier competitions, the true pinnacle of futsal. What makes this advice even more appealing is that numerous bookies provide free live streaming for these matches. Select one of our preferred bookmakers, settle in, enjoy high-quality streaming, and concentrate on these prestigious events:

FIFA Futsal World Cup:

The grandest of them all, the FIFA Futsal World Cup, occurs once every four years. Inaugurated in 1989 in the Netherlands to promote the sport in Europe, the first title went to Brazil, the most successful team in World Cup history. Traditionally, nations that excel in football also shine in futsal. Spain and Argentina are the only other teams to claim the title, with Argentina securing its maiden victory in 2018. Before 2008, the tournament featured 16 teams organized into groups of four. In recent times, it has expanded to accommodate 24 teams across six groups, followed by a 16-team final tournament. While FIFA oversees this competition, other organizations like the Asociación Mundial de Fútsal (AMF) and the International Futsal Alliance (IFA) host their own World Cups, albeit with less recognition.

UEFA Futsal Cup:

The European counterpart to the World Cup, this tournament has been a fixture since 1996. In its inaugural edition, only six teams participated, but subsequent tournaments grew in size. Initially held every two years, a shift in 2018 modified the schedule to a quadrennial format, featuring 16 teams—mirroring the FIFA Futsal World Cup. Spain has dominated this event, with Italy, Russia, and Portugal also securing titles. As the sport continues to gain prominence in Europe, bookies tend to offer enticing futsal free bets during this competition. With the next tournament slated for 2022 in the Netherlands, early preparation could yield the most value, given the anticipated growth in markets, bonuses, and perks.

AFC Futsal Cup:

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) hosts its continental competition, the AFC Futsal Cup, every two years. Unlike the previously mentioned tournaments, the AFC Futsal Cup used to occur annually but transitioned to a biennial format in 2008, a change welcomed by many. For those venturing into online futsal betting, this competition holds appeal due to the relative lack of parity in Asian futsal.

The tournament has undergone format changes over the years before aligning with FIFA and UEFA by expanding to accommodate 16 teams. Iran boasts multiple championships, while Japan has also clinched the crown on numerous occasions. Iran’s dominance is underscored by an impressive record, having consistently finished within the top three for over two decades. Other notable successful teams include Uzbekistan and Thailand.

For futsal betting enthusiasts, our advice is to pay closer attention to prop bets. Betting on the outright winner may not yield the same rewards as in other competitions. However, early-stage match winner bets can offer favorable odds.

Spain Primera:

The Primera División de Futsal, or simply Primera, stands as one of the most renowned futsal leagues globally. Spain’s extensive European success solidifies its reputation, making it the epicenter of the futsal world since 1989. This league has witnessed the talents of numerous famous Brazilian, Argentinian, and Spanish players who have graced its clubs.

Fourteen teams participate annually, each engaging in 26 matches per season. The team that accumulates the most points secures the coveted title. In cases where two teams share identical points, tiebreakers come into play, with the head-to-head record serving as the initial decider, followed by goal difference if the head-to-head results remain level.

An intriguing feature of the Spanish Primera that augments its appeal for futsal betting is its biannual format. Each season is divided into two halves, each replicating the same fixtures. This structure facilitates predictive analysis before the winter break, offering astute bettors opportunities to capitalize on favorable odds.

Now, let’s delve into the etymology and origins of the name “futsal.” First, a bit of linguistic history: the term “futsal” finds its roots in the Spanish expression “fútbol sala” or “fútbol de salón,” which essentially translates to “indoor football” or “hall football.” The Italians, on the other hand, refer to it as “Calcio a 5,” signifying 5-a-side football. Initially, various organizations used the term “fútbol sala.” Still, it was in 1985 that FIFUSA, the precursor to the AMF (Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón), trademarked the name “futsal.” Soon after, FIFA also adopted the term, and it became the universally recognized name for the sport.

Now, let’s explore the fascinating origins of this sport. The story begins in 1930 with Juan Carlos Ceriani, a Uruguayan physical education teacher on a mission to demonstrate the health benefits of sports to his students. However, he faced a significant challenge: the scarcity of easily accessible grass pitches for traditional football. Here’s where inspiration struck. Ceriani introduced his students to the idea of playing football on basketball courts, which were not only readily available but also easier to set up across Montevideo. To tackle the goalpost predicament, he ingeniously repurposed smaller, portable goals typically used in handball matches at the local YMCA. The concept rapidly gained popularity, and futsal started spreading like wildfire across South America, with João Lotufo credited for introducing it to Brazil.

It was a genius solution. Basketball courts, being made of concrete, remained unaffected by rain, ensuring that outdoor play was not deterred. In contrast, grass pitches often became muddy quagmires during rainfall and posed safety concerns.

Initially, the rules were somewhat fluid, but it was two Brazilians from São Paulo who finally standardized them to facilitate competitive play. Luiz de Oliveira authored the ‘Book of Rules of Futsal’ in 1956, which swiftly became the global standard. In 1965, the first international futsal organization, the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol de Salón, known as the South American Futsal Confederation, came into being, with founding members including Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Argentina.

From that point onward, futsal’s accessibility, straightforward rules, and exceptionally skilled players propelled it into a worldwide phenomenon. Consequently, futsal betting has surged in popularity, experiencing exponential growth since the 21st century began.

Final Thoughts

Wondering about the allure of futsal betting? As you’ve discovered, it’s refreshingly straightforward and steadily gaining ground beyond its ‘niche sport’ label. With favorable odds and an array of exotic betting markets, there’s every reason to dive in. Take your pick of a betting platform, brush up on the teams and players, and embark on an exciting journey filled with sensational goals and jaw-dropping dribbles. Don’t hesitate; your winning streak awaits!


How to Bet on Futsal Matches?

Betting on futsal is a straightforward process. You simply select a reputable bookmaker, create an account, and deposit funds to get started. However, we recommend thorough research before placing any real money bets to make informed choices.

Is Futsal Betting Profitable?

The profitability of futsal betting depends on your approach. While it can be relatively easy to generate long-term profits, success hinges on factors like your stake size, the matches you choose, and the depth of your pre-bet analysis. Smart betting is key.

What Is the Difference Between Football and Futsal?

Football is played on a large grass pitch with 11 players per team, featuring halves of 45 minutes each. In contrast, futsal is played indoors on a smaller field, with 5 players on each team, and matches divided into two halves of 20 minutes each.

Is There an Offside Rule in Futsal?

No, futsal does not have an offside rule. The compact field size makes restricting player movement unnecessary, allowing for more dynamic play.

Which Country Is the Best in Futsal?

Brazil, Spain, and Argentina are widely regarded as the top national teams in the world of futsal.

Is Research Necessary Before Starting Futsal Betting?

Absolutely. While sports betting always carries an element of chance, conducting thorough research significantly enhances your chances of success. Access to statistics and information can be invaluable in making well-informed bets.

Should I Claim a Futsal Betting Bonus?

While not mandatory, claiming a futsal betting bonus is a wise choice if you want to maximize the value of your betting experience. Just ensure that the bonus terms and conditions are fair and reasonable.

Is Using Futsal Betting Tips Advisable?

While not obligatory, futsal betting tips can offer valuable insights into what to expect. When seeking tips, opt for reliable sources with publicly available success rates and player ratings.

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