Beginners Guide to Gaelic Sports Betting

Greetings, everyone! If you’re seeking a break from the usual when it comes to sports betting on football, basketball, or rugby, Gaelic sports offer a refreshing change. But what makes them stand out?

These traditional sports embody Irish history and the resilient Irish spirit. Our team of experts has crafted a comprehensive beginner’s guide to Gaelic sports betting, providing you with the knowledge you need to step into this exciting world. We’ll delve into hurling and Gaelic football, offering tips, historical insights, and more. Are you ready to dive in and discover what the excitement is all about? If so, let’s get started!

Understanding the Rules

If Gaelic football and hurling seem like unfamiliar territory to you, don’t worry – it’s a common sentiment when you’re venturing into the world of Gaelic sports betting. To help you get started, the OddsHome team has compiled a concise rulebook, serving as your initial guide.

Of course, just like any sport, both hurling and Gaelic football come with numerous intricacies. Consider these rules as foundational insights for watching real games. To deepen your understanding, immerse yourself in match footage, and you’ll soon be ready to place Gaelic sports bets with confidence. Without further ado, let’s delve into the heart of these cherished aspects of Irish culture.

Gaelic Football Rules

Gaelic football, played by two teams of 15 players each, mirrors the positions found in other forms of football. It features a goalkeeper, six backs, two midfielders, and six forwards. Notably, players are assigned numbers according to their positions on the field, and each Gaelic football squad can include up to 15 substitutes.

Games typically run for either 60 or 70 minutes, depending on the level of play and the county hosting the match. The match is divided into two equal halves of either 30 or 35 minutes, separated by a 5-15 minute break.

Gaelic football matches are held on pitches measuring 130-145 meters in length and 80-90 meters in width, with exact dimensions varying by competition level. At each end of the pitch stand two goals, each comprising two goalposts reaching heights of 6-7 meters. These posts are 6.5 meters apart and connected by a 2.5-meter crossbar, with a net behind it, akin to soccer.

The objective in Gaelic football is to outscore the opponent, achievable in two ways. Kicking or punching the ball into the opponent’s net earns 3 points, while sending it above the crossbar between the goalposts scores 1 point.

Gaelic football requires minimal equipment, with just a football needed. Similar in size to a volleyball, the Gaelic football has a circumference of around 70cm and weighs approximately 500g.

In the game, players advance the ball through methods such as carrying, bouncing, kicking, or hand-passing. “Soloing” the ball involves dropping it while carrying and using one’s feet to kick it back into hand possession. Notably, players cannot pick the ball up directly with their hands; it must first be kicked to be caught.

Refereeing in Gaelic football may involve up to eight officials on the field simultaneously. The primary referee closely follows the ball, while two linesmen patrol the outer side of the boundary. Two umpires stationed by each goal raise a green flag for 3-point scores and a white one for 1-point scores. In inter-county games, up to two sideline officials monitor the proceedings.

Regarding fouls, Gaelic football shares some similarities with association football. Fouls lead to free kicks, while fouls within the large rectangular area result in penalty kicks. Certain actions, such as slide tackling, blocking a shot with feet, contacting the goalkeeper inside the small rectangle, and using both hands to tackle, are prohibited. Wrestling the ball from an opponent is also considered illegal; instead, only slapping the ball away is permitted.

Gaelic Hurling Rules

If you’ve grasped the ins and outs of Gaelic football, transitioning to becoming a Gaelic hurling bettor should be a breeze. The similarities between the two sports are striking. Firstly, both sports share the same pitch, as designated by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Each team comprises 15 players, with positions mirroring those in Gaelic football, including goalie, back, midfielder, and forward. Game durations are identical, spanning 60 or 70 minutes, split into 30 or 35-minute halves.

However, there are equipment distinctions in hurling compared to Gaelic football. All players must don protective helmets and mouthguards, a mandatory requirement at all levels since 2010. Additionally, hurling introduces the “hurl,” also known as the hurley or hurling stick. These sticks measure up to 90cm in length and serve as the primary tool for scoring. While mostly round, they flatten out towards the end, culminating in the “bas,” a round, flat part used for striking the ball. Goalies possess a bas twice the size of outfielders.

Now, let’s talk about the ball, known as the “sliotar.” It boasts a diameter ranging from 6.9 to 7.2cm and exhibits considerable thickness and weight relative to its size, tipping the scales at up to 120g. Typically, it features a cork center with a leather covering.

The objective in hurling is to propel the sliotar between the goalposts. If it passes beneath the crossbar, it’s a “green flag” and worth 3 points. A shot between the posts but above the crossbar earns 1 point and a “white flag.”

Hurlers can manipulate the ball using the hurl or their hands. Picking the ball up directly with the hand isn’t allowed; instead, it must be flicked up using the hurl. Players can carry the ball in hand for a maximum of four steps. However, hurlers can transport the ball on the bas of the hurl for unlimited distances. It’s prohibited to switch hands, hand-pass into the goal (punching is the only option), or catch the ball three times consecutively without it making contact with the ground.

In terms of player-to-player contact, tackles are permitted. Blocking a swing with your hurl is allowed, as is attempting to snatch the sliotar from an opponent’s hurl. Players can also engage in shoulder-to-shoulder collisions when vying for possession.

Refereeing in hurling follows a similar system to Gaelic football, with six officials being standard, and major games incorporating two linesmen. Championship and inter-county matches, however, introduce Hawkeye technology, allowing officials to review aerial footage to make determinations.

Where to Find Gaelic Sports Betting Websites?

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If you’re in search of the finest Gaelic sports betting odds, you’ll discover them readily available at most British or Irish bookmakers. However, the allure of punting on Gaelic games extends far beyond the borders of the British Isles. With an increasing global interest in hurling and footy, international bookies have also stepped into the arena.

Nevertheless, OddsHome strongly recommends placing your wagers at Gaelic sports betting sites endorsed by our expert team. These platforms are not only 100% legal but also rigorously verified, consistently delivering outstanding markets and competitive odds for these sports.

Which Are the Most Popular Competitions?

If you’re considering betting on Gaelic sports online, you’ll discover a wealth of competitions to engage with. Both football and hurling hold a special place in the Irish national identity, with clubs dotting towns and villages across the country. Unfortunately, many bookmakers do not offer extensive coverage or markets for these smaller events. Therefore, it’s advisable to focus your attention on these prominent competitions, where you can access the best information, statistics, and betting markets.

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

This tournament stands as the pinnacle of Gaelic football. Annually, on the 35th Sunday, the event takes place at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium. While the format may initially appear complex, it becomes straightforward with a bit of familiarity.

Ireland consists of 32 counties, each having its own representative team. All counties engage in their respective Gaelic games, and the top teams advance to the Provincial Championship. There are four provinces—Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster. Notably, teams from London and New York also participate in the Connacht province, owing to their substantial Irish populations.

The victors of the Provincial Championship secure direct entry into the All-Ireland Super 8s, effectively the quarterfinals. The remaining four spots are reserved for teams that didn’t clinch the Provincial title. These teams face off in two rounds of Qualifiers.

The All-Ireland Super 8s adopt a round-robin format, with teams divided into two groups. The top two teams from each group progress to the All-Ireland semi-finals, where matchups are determined by ‘group winner vs the other group’s runner-up.’ The winners of the semis then contend for the coveted Sam Maguire Cup.

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

The format of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship undergoes periodic changes. Typically, it follows a tiered structure. The top tier comprises the All-Ireland Championship, along with the Leinster and Munster Senior Hurling Championships. The lower tiers encompass the Joe McDonagh Cup (2nd), the Christy Ring Cup (3rd), the Nicky Rackard Cup (4th), and the Lory Meagher Cup (5th). The winners from each tier progress to the subsequent one.

As for the main Championship, it operates as a knockout tournament featuring the strongest teams from the Leinster and Munster Championships. It includes two Qualifying Rounds, followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately, the highly anticipated Liam MacCarthy Cup showdown.

National Football League (NFL)

The National Football League (NFL), a GAA-approved competition, features an impressive lineup of 32 teams, representing every Irish county. These teams are strategically divided into four divisions, with each division boasting eight skilled squads. Further segmentation occurs within the divisions, creating North and South subdivisions, each comprised of four teams.

During the season, every team engages in a spirited face-off with their opponents. The competition intensifies as the top two teams from Division 1 North and Division 1 South earn coveted spots in the NFL-semis. The victors of these exhilarating matches then clash for the prestigious New Ireland Cup. While it may not command the same level of attention as the premier Gaelic football competition, the NFL remains a thrilling spectacle. So, if you’re considering online Gaelic football betting, the NFL is an avenue you shouldn’t overlook.

Short History & Facts

Hurling is one of the most ancient sports still in existence, with historical sources tracing its roots back to as early as 1200 BCE among the Celtic tribes. This enduring sport has not only stood the test of time but also influenced the creation of similar games across the British Isles, including cammag, shinty, and bando. Additionally, there exists a women’s variant known as camogie, featuring slight rule modifications to showcase the players’ skills.

Gaelic football, on the other hand, achieved formal recognition as a sport during the 19th century, although it had informal beginnings in the 1300s. Initially enjoyed as a pastime by the gentry, it rapidly gained popularity among the general populace. To this day, Gaelic football stands as a source of immense pride for residents from every Irish county, fueling local and regional rivalries year after year.


If you’re weary of the high-stakes world of big-money betting and are seeking a refreshing change, Gaelic sports betting beckons. Both hurling and Gaelic football adhere to strict amateurism, placing the spotlight squarely on the sheer beauty of the game. There’s no room for drama, no extravagant fanfare – just 30 dedicated athletes competing to determine the victor.

So, if you find yourself on the fence, wondering where to place your bets, take the plunge without hesitation. Gaelic sports betting is steadily gaining global recognition, making this the perfect moment to dive in. Rest assured, you’re in for an experience you won’t regret!


Can I bet on Gaelic football matches using the in-play feature?

Certainly! Live Gaelic football betting is a popular choice among punters. Just visit your preferred bookmaker, and you’ll find all the live betting markets, often including hurling.

Is betting on Gaelic football secure?

If you opt for a reputable bookmaker recommended by OddsHome, you can bet with confidence.

Are there any prop bets for Gaelic football betting?

During major games, you’ll encounter a variety of prop markets. The NFL and the All-Ireland Championship are known for offering exotic bets.

Can I bet on futures for Gaelic hurling?

Absolutely. You can place bets on the winner of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship before it begins. Some bookies also offer such markets for the Leinster and Munster Championships.

Is Gaelic football similar to association football?

In some ways, yes. However, Gaelic football combines elements from various sports and stands as a unique athletic pursuit. Its closest relative is hurling.

Are there any special strategies for Gaelic sports betting?

Not particularly. The game format shares similarities with American football, futsal, and association football.

Should I trust Gaelic football/hurling betting tips?

While you shouldn’t solely rely on Gaelic sports betting tips, they can serve as a valuable reference. Ensure the tipster you follow is verified and maintains a publicly visible success rate.

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