Best Football Prediction Sites In The World

Football predictions enjoy immense popularity among sports betting enthusiasts. In this article, we confidently lead you to the premier football tip sites that truly deliver.

Thanks to the widespread enthusiasm for football betting, many individuals seek online tips. This practice proves particularly valuable when wagering on a league or team that may not be in your wheelhouse. While it’s essential to understand that betting prediction sites can’t assure victory, rest assured that some have demonstrated a strong track record with their recommendations.

Top 10 Websites for Football Tips

When seeking meticulously researched football tips, here are the websites we confidently endorse. Our list is ordered in descending fashion, ensuring the top-tier soccer prediction sites take the lead. Spanning the globe, this list showcases what we consider to be the world’s finest football prediction platforms.

#1 Free Super Tips

freesupertips football predictions

Coming in a close second on our ranking is Free Super Tips. What stands out about this platform is its extensive array of tips, catering to a wide spectrum of available odds. They offer a mix of reliable suggestions for the cautious bettor and bolder predictions for those seeking higher risks and rewards. With each tip, they even offer a concise selection of bookmakers and calculate the potential returns for your convenience.

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nostrabet football predictions

At Nostrabet, there is a deep sense of pride in our assortment of football tips. NostraBet offerings are not only cost-free but also encompass a diverse array of markets. Updated on a daily basis, the seasoned writers, boasting years of betting expertise, meticulously curate their top picks for upcoming events. Each tip is accompanied by in-depth analysis, and you have the opportunity to assess the historical performance of each individual tipster.


#3 football tips

The site’s primary forte lies in its extensive coverage of fixtures. delves into a vast array of matches, offering well-structured previews complemented by up-to-the-minute information and their own predictions. Their unwavering dedication to encompassing numerous leagues and competitions empowers you to diversify your betting portfolio when following their advice. While some might argue their focus leans slightly toward quantity, it’s important to note that they continue to stand firmly behind a substantial number of successful predictions.


#4 SportyTrader

sportytrader football predictions

What truly stands out with SportyTrader is the seamless blend of aesthetics and user-friendliness on their website. Navigating through tips, whether by competition or sport, is a breeze. Distinguishing itself from the previously mentioned platforms, SportyTrader extends its expert advice to a variety of popular sports, including basketball, tennis, and baseball. The only notable drawback to this otherwise stellar site is the limited depth of analysis. In numerous instances, especially across various sports, tips are presented with minimal to no analysis. Even in the realm of football, the primary focus leans toward statistics and facts.

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#5 Oddschecker

oddschecker football predictions

Oddschecker is likely on your radar for its exceptional odds comparison service, but what you might not be as familiar with is their dedicated tips page, with a strong emphasis on horse racing and football. While horse racing takes the spotlight, their football tips are crafted with expertise and sound reasoning. If there’s room for improvement, it’s in the breadth of coverage. Oddschecker’s focus tends to revolve around the Premier League and the occasional high-profile European match.

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#6 Football Whispers

footballwhispers football predictions

While Football Whispers may not boast a flashy design, it serves as a straightforward destination for those in search of rapid tips. This platform places less emphasis on inundating you with statistics and leans more towards providing concise justifications for their recommendations. You can typically expect a daily trio of top tips, as well as three selections for the upcoming day, which are their top endorsements. Beyond these, Football Whispers offers additional insights across various competitions, readily accessible via the top menu.

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#7 1960tips

1960tips football predictions

1960tips presents a curated selection of complimentary football predictions, yet their full range of offerings comes with a price tag – the VIP package. However, this premium access doesn’t come at a modest cost, priced at €66 for 20 days. It’s worth noting that this option might not align with those who typically wager smaller amounts. For the high-stakes bettors, 1960tips showcases a commendable track record, boasting a claim of over 80% accuracy. While genuine user reviews are somewhat scarce, for those eager to explore, there is a more budget-friendly six-day subscription option available.

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#8 Footy Accumulators

footyaccumulators football predictions

Footy Accumulators stands as a prediction site that has steadily climbed the ranks over the years. Presently, they command a substantial social media following and offer a website brimming with content. Notably, their versatility shines through as they delve into an extensive array of markets with their tips. From card betting to correct scores, both halves BTTS, and over/under 1.5 goals, they’ve got it all. While their variety is praiseworthy, the primary area for improvement lies in their reliance on recent form as the key rationale behind their tips.

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#9 WinDrawWin

windrawwin football predictions

WinDrawWin’s statistics page proves to be an invaluable asset for your betting research. What sets them apart is their extensive collection of football tips, and here’s the twist: each tip is a correct score prediction, a market known for its complexity. However, the beauty of this approach lies in the dual prediction it offers – not only the match result but also the number of goals. Adding to their uniqueness, WinDrawWin assigns a level of confidence to each tip, with the highest marked as a ‘large’ stake, instilling further trust in their recommendations.

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#10 football tips

While this site certainly offers some valuable content, there’s room for improvement to elevate it into the realm of the finest football tips sites. One noticeable issue is the occasional encounter with tips for matches that have already concluded. Additionally, there seems to be an abundance of extraneous information, including historical write-ups about the teams or players involved in a fixture. There are undeniably more robust prediction sites out there, but it’s worth mentioning that we hold their ‘Bet of the Day’ selections in high regard.


#Bonus Betensured

betensured football predictions

Betensured is a multi-faceted website, delving into more than just football, with their experts specializing across various domains. Much like 1960tips, a snippet of their offerings is accessible at no cost, but the meat of their content is reserved for paid members. The experts here boast impressive strike rates, and if these claims hold true, it could prove to be an invaluable resource. Notably, Betensured stands out as one of the select prediction platforms to provide in-play betting tips, a niche often cherished by professional gamblers.

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How We Ranked the Top Football Prediction Websites?

In formulating our rankings of the top football prediction sites, we meticulously considered the following factors to establish a comprehensive score for each platform.

  • Free/Paid: Our preference leans toward free football prediction sites, as they prevent bettors from incurring financial outlays before placing wagers. For paid sites, we assessed the cost and the array of available payment plans.
  • User Interface: The ease of site navigation and the user experience were central to our evaluation, ensuring that tip users could effortlessly access the content.
  • Tips Diversity: We scrutinized the website’s capacity to provide tips across various competitions and markets. Given our quest to identify the world’s best football prediction website, a broad spectrum of fixtures earned substantial points.
  • Player Opinion: In instances where authentic user reviews were accessible, we considered their ratings and endorsements of the website.
  • Analysis: We place a premium on tips complemented by well-crafted analysis, encompassing critical statistics and team news. This analytical depth enhances the overall quality of the recommendations.

Top Sites with Free Math Football Tips

These websites offer tips for an extensive array of matches, relying on data-driven predictions rather than subjective human analysis. In our assessment, the following three sites stand out as the premier mathematical football tipping platforms worldwide.

#1 PredictZ

predictz football tips

In addition to furnishing tips from global leagues, PredictZ goes the extra mile with dedicated sections for today’s and tomorrow’s top picks. This platform generously provides entirely cost-free football predictions, and it’s user-friendly with a smart color-coding system that simplifies the differentiation between home, draw, and away tips. Beyond match outcomes, including correct scores, users can also effortlessly filter tips by over/under 2.5 goals and BTTS predictions.

Visit PredictZ

#2 SoccerVista

soccervista football predictions

SoccerVista may not win any design awards, but it excels in both functionality and depth. It empowers users with the ability to filter content by date or competition, catering to individual preferences. Regardless of your choice, you can delve into past results, enabling a thorough examination of recent success rates. Each fixture offers a correct score tip and an over/under 2.5 goals prediction, even if they occasionally present contrasting outcomes. For instance, you’ll come across fixtures with a predicted 1-1 scoreline alongside an over 2.5 goals forecast.

Visit SoccerVista

#3 Forebet

forebet football tips

In the realm of tips spanning numerous competitions and leagues, Forebet stands tall as the foremost authority. Their reach extends worldwide, encompassing not just the top tiers but lower divisions as well. Their hallmark method involves presenting the probability of each Win-Draw-Win result alongside a precise correct score prediction. Furthermore, for the discerning bettor who carefully considers stake size, some matches feature a specialized Kelly Criterion score. Notably, in more significant matchups, Forebet goes the extra mile with well-crafted write-ups that provide solid justification for their predictions.

Visit Forebet

Top 5 Prediction Sites in Europe

In the quest for the top prediction site in Europe, several robust options stand out. Here’s a concise overview, starting with the premier football betting prediction site in Europe:

  1. Nostrabet Tips: Noteworthy for its widespread European following, Nostrabet caters to an impressive 18 European languages, making it a hub for European sporting events.
  2. While covering major sports, this site’s primary focus remains on football. It offers a variety of tip types, including daily doubles and correct score accumulators, along with enticing welcome offers from European bookmakers.
  3. A high-quality platform that dedicates care and effort to each betting prediction. The writers provide comprehensive analysis for each tip, with a strong emphasis on European football, though golf and horse racing also find their place.
  4. Opting for quality over quantity, MightyTips impresses with in-depth written analysis and a strong focus on European football. This professional site consistently delivers its tips well in advance of each match.
  5. For those inclined towards data and statistics, offers a more data-centric approach. In addition to their own tips, you can explore a community of tipsters to follow. While most tipster predictions are free, access to the top-tier tips requires a subscription.

Free or Paid Football Tips to Choose

Football betting predictions come in two flavors: free and subscription-based. It’s a common assumption that paid sites guarantee surefire or more accurate soccer predictions, but that’s not always the reality. In fact, free football predictor sites frequently offer valuable tips, and in some instances, they outperform their paid counterparts. Our stance is clear: why pay for something when you can access it for free?

Why Should You Read Football Tips?

Whether you’re seeking today’s reliable tips or tomorrow’s accumulator predictions, exploring the top tipster websites worldwide is a wise move. Delving into these premier predictions can significantly enhance your betting success. Plus, it’s far more convenient to follow an expert’s free tip than to dedicate your own time to extensive research.


Where to find the most accurate football predictions?

Football and sports betting tipsters experience both highs and lows in accuracy. This is why we recommend using platforms that provide historical tips and the overall profit/loss of their individual tipsters.

Who is the best free tipster for football bets?

OddsHome is our top choice for a free football prediction website, but it’s also beneficial to explore other options from our recommended list.

Is there a mobile app for football predictions?

Yes, there are numerous mobile apps offering football betting predictions. However, the quality varies significantly. Therefore, we suggest sticking with the websites we’ve highlighted.

Maths Predictions or Tips with Analyses Are Better?

While mathematical predictions hold value, our preference typically leans toward tips accompanied by comprehensive analysis. Having a written justification not only instills confidence but also allows human writers to consider factors that raw data cannot, such as injuries, team morale, or momentum.

Will I Win Money Following Betting Tips?

There’s potential for profit, but it’s important to acknowledge that even with the best football prediction site globally, success is not guaranteed.

What is the best football prediction site in the world?

We firmly believe that OddsHome offers unrivaled accuracy as the most reliable football prediction website. Nevertheless, the world of betting tips is highly competitive, so don’t hesitate to explore multiple sources.

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