Best Sites For Boxing Statistics – Top Boxing Stats Websites

If you’re a boxing enthusiast, you need to be aware of the most recent statistics and facts about your favorite competitors. Fortunately, there are various websites dedicated to giving the most recent updates, results, rankings, and insights to boxing fans and bettors.

These websites include a lot of sport information, such as fighter profiles, match results, punch statistics, and more. Here are the go-to sites for anyone looking for accurate and up-to-date boxing statistics.

Boxing Statistics


BoxStat is an online boxing database that provides professional fighters with detailed statistics and records. It offers user-friendly profiles of boxers that include biographical information, records, weight divisions, and fight histories. The platform provides extensive fight records that include opponent information, outcomes, techniques of winning, and round-by-round analyzes.

BoxStat also includes weight class standings, history statistics for previous fights, and encourages user participation for data contribution and updates. It is an excellent resource for boxing fans, journalists, and sports bettors looking for detailed boxing data.


BoxRec is a well-known internet boxing database. It gives detailed and trustworthy statistics on professional boxers and their battles.

Boxers have thorough profiles with records on BoxRec, and the site provides rankings throughout weight classes. It has a comprehensive historical archive, event information, boxer comparisons, and invites user submissions. Boxing fans and bettors can benefit from BoxRec’s accurate and easily available boxing information.


Box.Live is an easy-to-use website that specializes in delivering extensive boxing data. The platform offers up-to-current fight results, allowing users to search for previous matches and stay up to speed on upcoming fights. Fighter profiles provide detailed information about boxers, such as their records, weight classes, and biographical information.

Furthermore, Box.Live includes statistical analysis of fights and punch statistics, providing greater insights into boxers’ performances.

4. SHERDOG is a well-known website most known for its in-depth coverage of mixed martial arts (MMA). It does, however, provide boxing statistics and information. While boxing is not the site’s primary focus, it does include boxing news, analysis, and perspectives. It has fighter profiles with basic information about boxers, their records, and important battles. also displays fight results, letting users to look for previous fights and research particular fighters’ histories.


YT BoxRec bills itself as the “official records keeper” for YouTube boxing, with an emphasis on influencer and crossover matches. It provides event lists, fighter profiles, fight results, news updates, and rankings as the current leading data source in this sector. It caters to the world of YouTube boxing and serves as a centralised platform for accessing vital information in this burgeoning field.


There are various key data to consider as a boxing bettor in order to make informed judgments.

  • Win-Loss Record: A fighter’s overall success is shown by his or her win-loss record. However, it is critical to delve deeper and evaluate the caliber of opponents they have encountered.
  • Knockout Percentage: The knockout percentage indicates the number of fights won by knockout. This metric is used to assess a fighter’s punching strength and finishing ability.
  • Rounds Fought: The number of rounds fought by a fighter might reflect their endurance and stamina. It’s useful to know whether a boxer finishes fights quickly or frequently goes the distance.
  • Reach is the distance between a fighter’s outstretched fist and the tip of their opponent’s shoulder. A longer reach might help you strike blows while keeping your distance from your opponents.
  • Height: A boxer’s style and strategy might be influenced by his or her height. Taller boxers frequently take advantage of their reach advantage, but shorter fighters may rely on their agility and inside fighting ability.
  • CompuBox statistics include total punches launched and landed, accuracy percentages, and power punches landed. These metrics can be used to assess a boxer’s efficacy and punch output.
  • Strength of Schedule: It is critical to evaluate the caliber of opponents a fighter has encountered. Examine their prior opponents’ records and rankings to determine the degree of opposition they have faced.
  • Age and Physical Condition: Take into account a boxer’s age and physical condition, as these elements can have an impact on their performance. Reflexes and quickness may deteriorate in older fighters, and injuries might impair performance.
  • Understanding a boxer’s fighting style is critical in forecasting how they will do against various opponents. Determine if they are aggressive brawlers, technical counterpunchers, or defensive fighters.

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