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Are you a die-hard darts fan or a seasoned bettor looking for reliable darts statistics? Look no further, since we’ve gathered a list of the most trustworthy and thorough darts statistics websites to assist you in making informed judgments.

These websites contain a wide range of information, such as player rankings, tournament statistics, and much more. You may remain ahead of the game and enhance your predictions by utilizing their plethora of knowledge. Without further ado, here are our top selections for the finest darts statistics websites on the internet.



Darts Orakel includes stat libraries, forecasting tools, comprehensive player performance reports, and world-class FDI rankings. It’s ideal for individuals who want to read darting records lightly or those who want to analyze form and calculate the probability of future outcomes. The website and smartphone apps allow anyone to search through past darts stats for free, as well as offer more complex, paid packages that handle the searching for you.

2. MASTER CALLER is a website dedicated to teaching people how to play darts. It debuted in 2010 and has since grown to become a popular resource for darts fans all over the world. The site provides a wealth of information on the sport, including as news, tournament results, rankings, and a large database of player profiles. The website provides live scores, match reports, and action analysis, as well as pre-tournament previews and predictions.

3. DARTS DB is a website that is currently in beta testing and focuses on past and current Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournament matches. The website provides thorough player statistics and Elo-style rankings. The dataset now includes practically all PDC tournaments, including those on the Secondary Tour, from 1992 to the present. The majority of the data on the website is derived from public domain data available on, which is no longer regularly updated.

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Here are some crucial darts statistics for sports bettors to consider:

  • The overall win/loss record of a player: This will give you an indication of a player’s previous success in matches and tournaments.
  • Form for a tournament: Examine a player’s recent performance in the tournament you want to bet on. Have they been successful or unsuccessful?
  • The average of a player’s three darts: This metric assesses a player’s consistency and accuracy. The higher the player’s average, the more likely he is to hit large scores.
  • Checkout percentage: The number of times a player successfully completes a leg with a checkout. It’s a crucial metric to consider when predicting a match’s winner.
  • Head-to-head record: If two players have previously played each other, examine their head-to-head record. This can help you determine who has an advantage in their future encounter.
  • Form on certain doubles: Because each player has preferred doubles, examine their success rates on specific doubles. A player who excels at double 16 may have an advantage over a player who suffers with that double.
  • Stage of the competition: Different players excel at different stages of a competition. Some players, for example, flourish in the early rounds but suffer in the later stages, whereas others do the opposite. Take this into account while placing your bets.

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