Cheating In Sports Betting: How To Avoid It

What Tactics or Systems Should be used to Play at Bookmakers?

You might wonder, “Is cheating a prevalent issue in sports betting?” The straightforward answer is, “Yes, where there’s money at stake, there will always be individuals looking for ways to exploit the system.” Nevertheless, your primary focus should center on tactics that fall within the realm of legality or at least do not qualify as cheating. Opting for strategies that are unquestionably fair and within the rules is the key to responsible and ethical play.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Always ensure your chosen strategy is within the bounds of the law. Steer clear of unnecessary risks when placing bets. Visit for guidance.

In every sport, be it football, basketball, or boxing, odds from bookmakers underpin the betting experience. For countless bettors, the excitement of gambling often lies in making wagers that strategically exploit these odds to their advantage.

In essence, numerous well-known tactics and systems revolve around optimizing the odds, particularly within the realm of sports betting.

It’s all in the Numbers

In the grand scheme of things, it all boils down to mathematics. Take card counting, for instance. Many casinos label it as cheating and promptly eject players caught employing this technique. Why? Because it’s seen as a method that empowers the player to win consistently.

Naturally, the moment a winning formula enters the equation in any game or sport, bookmakers and casinos swiftly implement measures to thwart it. After all, they cannot endorse any approach that involves underhanded tactics. The key takeaway here is to align yourself with reputable and established brands. This choice ensures a commitment to fair play throughout your gaming experience.

Common Sports Betting Systems

But can they indeed? This is where the so-called ‘grey area’ becomes even more enigmatic. If you happen to spend enough time navigating gambling websites, you’ll inevitably stumble upon some that permit match betting or arbitrage betting—both systems that many betting platforms disapprove of and even prohibit. It’s essential to note that while we will explain these systems in detail below, we unequivocally discourage their use.

Matched Betting

Matched betting revolves around capitalizing on the free bet bonuses generously offered by various websites.

Here’s how matched betting operates: you place a back bet (e.g., “This team will win their next match”) with a bookmaker, and simultaneously, a lay bet (e.g., “The same team won’t win their next match”) on a betting exchange, ideally at similar or identical odds. In essence, you are effectively wagering against yourself.

As for how this ties into a bookmaker’s free bet: this serves as your profit. After making an initial or qualifying bet, you become eligible for the free bet bonus, which can then be employed for subsequent matched bets.

To explore this tactic, your first step is to identify bookmakers offering free bets while ensuring that they do not categorize matched betting as illegitimate.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, a variant of matched betting, typically involves placing wagers on all conceivable outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit. The most common form of arbitrage bet mirrors matched betting—a back bet and a lay bet.

The primary distinction between arbitrage and matched betting is that arbitrage bets often entail the amalgamation of odds to create a negative margin (less than 100%). This effectively tips the scales in favor of the gambler, rather than the bookmaker.

Back & Lay Bets

Unveiling Betting Exchanges Back bets and lay bets are core offerings in the realm of betting exchanges, which have witnessed a surge in popularity over recent years. With just a brief online search, you can uncover a plethora of strategies aimed at capitalizing on bookmakers’ odds. Interestingly, most of these systems revolve around the interplay between back bets (wagers on something happening) and lay bets (wagers on the same event not happening), as previously mentioned.

One such strategy is hedging, which also happens to be the source of the familiar phrase ‘hedging your bets.’ It is closely associated with arbitrage betting and is a betting method readily available on individual betting exchanges.

Fixing – A Dark Side

Fixing a sporting event entails manipulative actions taken to secure a desired outcome. For instance, a jockey might ensure their horse never places in the top three until the odds for such an outcome become exceptionally favorable.

Bribery represents another nefarious route to fixing a sport, while illegal drug use remains a rampant form of cheating in certain pockets of the sports betting world. It’s essential to underscore that fixing is unequivocally cheating, leaving no room for ambiguity. Unfortunately, as a gambler, there are limited measures you can personally undertake to prevent such malpractices.

Are any of These Tactics and Systems Recommended?

In a word, no. Nevertheless, delving deeper into the allure of certain gambling ‘cheat’ systems requires an understanding of the bookmaker’s inherent advantage. It’s crucial to reiterate that the strategies mentioned earlier can be categorized as either legal or illegal, contingent on the specific betting site you engage with. To gain clarity, we strongly advise a thorough examination of the betting site’s terms and conditions to discern how they view and address these systems. We invite you to explore our strategies page, where you can acquire comprehensive insights into well-calibrated wagering.

The bookmaker’s advantage

It’s a well-established fact that bookmakers maintain an advantage stemming from the disparity between the odds they offer and the actual probabilities. Consider a horse race with five contenders, where each horse realistically holds a 20% chance of winning. In this scenario, the odds should ideally be 4/1 or 5.0 for each horse, resulting in a total probability of 100%.

However, in the realm of sports betting, you’d often encounter these odds presented as 3/1 or 4.0, elevating the total probability to 125%. In essence, the additional 25% introduced by the bookmaker serves as their edge. This phenomenon is known as the over-round, or referred to as ‘vig’ or ‘juice,’ particularly in the United States. As a savvy bettor, conducting a bit of due diligence becomes imperative. We recommend perusing our list of bookmakers celebrated for offering the best odds and selecting the ones that align with your preferences.

Betting exchanges vs Betting markets

This is where arbitrage and matched betting re-enter the discussion, as both systems aim to level the playing field, so to speak. It’s important to note that neither method is advisable unless you’re certain it’s permissible on the specific betting site you’re using. Moreover, be prepared for substantial effort in mastering these techniques.

In simpler terms, you must possess a solid, if not comprehensive, understanding of betting markets and betting exchanges, as these systems necessitate leveraging both components for optimal results.

While bookmakers typically offer odds that favor their profitability (as previously mentioned), betting exchanges permit both back and lay bets, often in the context of in-play wagering during live sporting events. Betting exchanges generate their revenue by imposing a commission on successful bets.

Do You Have to Avoid These Systems

It almost goes without saying: if you relish the thrill of gambling, integrity should always prevail. Additionally, exercise caution when encountering tactics, guides, or systems that boast of being ‘risk-free.’ Gambling, by its nature, carries inherent risks, and it’s imperative to approach it responsibly.

Nonetheless, the decision ultimately rests with you, whether you opt for a tactic endorsed by bookmakers or something less savory. Yet, there are two crucial factors to bear in mind if you decide to explore these systems.

First and foremost, real success in this arena demands a significant investment of your time to cover all aspects comprehensively.

Numerous gambling platforms, whether they’re sportsbooks or casinos, enforce stringent anti-cheat measures. These typically encompass requesting verification documents to establish the legality of your funds’ source and scrutinizing infrequent high-value bets.

Even if a tactic is deemed legal, the allure of cheating may seem enticing in the short term. However, it’s vital to recognize that many sports betting sites (and physical betting establishments) won’t hesitate to impose severe limitations on your wagering or outright ban you if there’s suspicion of utilizing any form of gambling cheat.

What’s the Difference between Honest and Dishonest Betting?

At first glance, the answer to this question might seem straightforward. Honest betting involves wagers placed with a bookmaker within established rules, while dishonest betting operates in opposition to these rules.

Yet, beneath the surface, there exists a layer of nuance that complicates these notions. Consider this: what if someone genuinely believes they’re making a legitimate bet but inadvertently skirts the rules?

Proving someone’s honesty can be a challenging task, particularly in an environment where cheating is deeply ingrained in sports betting. This complexity amplifies when you acknowledge the existence of legitimate websites that not only allow but even endorse practices like match and arbitrage betting.

Ultimately, how you approach gambling remains a personal choice. However, it’s crucial to remember that sports betting should always revolve around enjoyment, both for yourself and your fellow bettors. If you decide to explore legal tactics or systems, keep in mind the inherent difficulties in achieving success. Let this awareness guide your betting decisions moving forward.

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