Football Betting Markets

Embarking on the thrilling journey of betting finds its prime genesis in the realm of football. With a plethora of matches, tournaments, and events, coupled with an extensive array of over a hundred daily and outright football betting markets, this domain beckons enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a novice exploring the landscape of online sports betting or a seasoned player seeking to amplify your prowess, our football betting guides stand as unwavering beacons, illuminating the path to mastery. For the seasoned, the focus remains resolute—to offer sage counsel on navigating the intricacies of wagering within the realm of the most revered sport.

In order to craft a successful football strategy, it’s imperative to grasp the array of betting options and their significance. Beyond the standard Win-Draw-Win, Handicap, and Totals markets, football offers distinct wagers like Cards, Corners, and Offsides.

Elevating the experience are player statistics categories, including Goalscorers, Shots on Target, and Yellow/Red Cards, which expand the realm of prop bets. Delve into our comprehensive guide on football betting markets to uncover the intricacies of the sport’s hidden opportunities.

Main Football Betting Markets

The compilation of best football bookmakers classifies markets into primary, popular, and secondary categories, incorporating unique props and outrights. This strategic adaptation is essential for bettors seeking to optimize their chances of triumph. Imagine delving into a Champions League clash, unveiling a plethora of 200 distinct markets and over 2,000 betting selections.

Undoubtedly, this market categorization is a valuable tool. Prior to broadening your expertise, it’s imperative to master the core markets and fundamental types of soccer bets at your disposal. Through our extensive array of football betting guides, we illuminate the essential pointers to propel you towards becoming a victorious bettor.

Full-Time Result

For novice bettors seeking clarity on the concept of a moneyline in betting, it essentially corresponds to the WDW (Win-Draw-Win) option, requiring a prediction of the 90-minute match outcome. This designation may also be referred to as 1X2, Final Result, or Match Result. Within this 90-minute framework, the following three betting choices apply:

1: Anticipating a victory for the home team.
X: Forecasting a draw as the match conclusion.
2: Predicting a triumph for the visiting team.

When approaching full-time result wagers, the strategic assessment of odds value and comprehensive research grounded in aspects like current form, injury reports, and statistical analysis serves as invaluable guidance.

Double Chance

The Double Chance, abbreviated as DC bet, offers variations such as 1X, 12, and X2, each allowing the combination and coverage of two of the three potential outcomes while excluding the remaining one. To illustrate, consider a Double Chance scenario in the context of a Portugal vs. Turkey clash during the World Cup qualifying round:

1X: Portugal to either Win or Draw.
Χ2: Draw or Victory for Turkey.
12: Victory for Portugal or Turkey.

To maximize returns on their wagers, bettors strive for meticulous decision-making. Our comprehensive guide on What is a Double Chance Bet delves into the essential considerations prior to placing a Double Chance wager.

Half-Time/Full-Time Result

Within these particular football betting markets, a total of nine conceivable outcomes emerge (e.g., 1/1, 1/2, 1/Χ, Χ/1, Χ/2, Χ/Χ, 2/1, 2/2, 2/Χ), necessitating a dual prediction encompassing both half-time and full-time results to secure a successful outcome.

For instance, envision a wager on the Manchester City vs. Manchester United derby, specifically the 1/1 selection, indicating Manchester City’s lead at both the half-time and full-time junctures. A favored choice among many bettors, HT/FT bets offer heightened odds. To make informed decisions, meticulous scrutiny of pertinent team statistics is imperative, with an emphasis on identifying favored teams capable of clinching a win within the initial half of play.


Handicap bets introduce a layer of strategic complexity by providing favored teams with a virtual advantage or placing underdogs at a disadvantage. There are two primary formats for handicap betting: the European or 3-way handicap, offering three potential outcomes, and the more prevalent Asian handicap, featuring a 2-way structure.

While handicap bets may not possess the straightforwardness of markets like WDW and Totals, a comprehensive understanding of their mechanics, as elucidated in our football markets explained section, can empower you to gain an upper hand over bookmakers and elevate your prospects of success.

The applicability of European and Asian handicaps extends to a multitude of team sports, encompassing basketball, ice hockey, and baseball. In these sports, bookmakers equalize the theoretical chances of two teams by incorporating a specific number of points, goals, or runs to the underdog.

Football reigns as the most popular domain for handicap betting, and the rationale is clear-cut:

  • The sport’s inherent low-scoring nature facilitates in-depth analysis of key offensive and defensive statistics for each team.
  • The handicap landscape in football is uniquely diverse, encompassing markets beyond goal differentials.

A prime example lies in betting options tied to cards and corners—distinctive statistical categories absent from other sports. Our meticulously crafted guides, complete with tables and illustrative examples, offer comprehensive insights into both Asian and European handicaps.


The Over/Under football betting markets beckon you to prognosticate the aggregate count of goals, cards, penalties, and offsides involving each team or player during a match. Bookmakers establish these lines, and your mission entails placing bets on the Over/Under relative to the designated figure.

For numerous bettors, this 2-way market is a lucrative avenue, amplifying the odds of success. Over predictions often hold sway over Under, particularly in scenarios involving modest lines—such as 1.5 total goals, 3.5 cards, or 9.5 corners.

Goal Range: This requires predicting the scope of goals scored in a match. Common ranges encompass 0-1 goals, 2-3 goals, 4-6 goals, and 7 or more goals, alongside lines like 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5, applied to both half and full-time Over/Under betting.

Total Cards: An exclusive market gauging the tally of cards awarded during a football match. Bookmakers offer diverse soccer bets pertaining to total card counts, including both 3-way and 2-way options, specific card counts for each team, and predictions about the team likely to accumulate the most bookings. Best football bookmakers might even enable wagers on the likelihood of a red card issuance.

Total Corners: Corner kick betting options encompass total corner counts (e.g., Under 10, exactly 10, Over 10), specific ranges (e.g., 0-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 or more), and 2-way handicap bets (e.g., Over/Under 10.5). These selections, often available for live betting, extend to bets like predicting the next corner-winning team and the first team to reach 5 corners.

Both Teams To Score

This option delves into forecasting whether both teams will score or not. The No Goal outcome is affirmed if either team fails to score or if the match culminates in a goalless draw. Rigorous statistical analysis, including metrics like goal percentages and clean sheet rates, is pivotal for precise evaluation of winning prospects.

For instance, a team’s goal-scoring percentage or clean sheet record serves as a robust basis for evaluating their capacity to generate goals. For comprehensive insights, we’ve curated an exclusive guide elucidating the significance of BTTS in football betting.

Secondary Football Betting Options & Their Meaning

Transitioning from primary markets, the realm of secondary betting options beckons. Bookmakers generously furnish an array of choices for discerning bettors. These are markets that exert no influence on the ultimate outcome of a football match; instead, they explore facets like a team maintaining a clean sheet, scoring an own goal, or conceding a penalty. Within our comprehensive football betting guides, a trove of invaluable insights awaits to enhance your grasp of secondary football bets.

Correct Score Market

Venturing into the correct score realm entails predicting the precise final tally of a football encounter to secure victory. For those treading the path of conservative wagers, this market boasts allure by presenting enticing odds. Yet, it’s imperative to acknowledge the formidable challenge of consistently nailing the exact score, considering the myriad factors that can sway outcomes.

To equip you with the requisite tools, our football betting guides harness mathematical analysis and the intricate statistical tapestry woven by the teams.

Draw No Bet Market

Engaging with the DNB landscape involves expunging the draw from a 3-way market, thereby concentrating your wager on either a home or away triumph. Should the contest culminate in a stalemate, your stake is promptly refunded, regardless of your chosen side. Our guidance extends beyond the ordinary, catering to the discerning palate of advanced players.

Take, for instance, the Draw No Bet market and the Asian handicap 0.0 variant. While conceptually akin, disparities in odds occasionally surface among bookmakers. Meticulous vigilance in this regard can furnish the astute bettor with a compelling advantage through the capture of elevated prices.

Goalscorer Markets

Prominently adorning the landscape is the coveted goalscorer market, with its anytime scorer iteration standing as the most sought-after. Here, your designated player is tasked with netting at least one goal prior to the final whistle to clinch victory. A tapestry of alternatives unfurls, including presciently prognosticating a player’s inaugural or concluding goal, or even the attainment of a brace or more in the realm of football betting.

Win to Nil Markets

Enter the realm of football betting’s unique offering: the Win to Nil market. To emerge triumphant from this arena, your favored team must not only secure victory but do so while maintaining an impervious defense, resulting in a clean sheet (e.g., 1-0, 2-0, etc.). Should you opt to back a favorite in pursuit of more alluring odds, your wager hinges on the belief that your chosen team will deny the opposition any scoring opportunity.

However, it’s worth noting that an early concession by the favored team could swiftly unravel your bet. To navigate the nuances of Win to Nil bets, peruse our football betting guides, which meticulously lay out the advantages and potential pitfalls.


Step into the world of combos, an amalgamation of two bets stemming from the same event—a precursor to the bet builder concept. This avenue offers enhanced odds, albeit with diminished probabilities of success compared to single-market wagers. The following types of soccer bets fall under the umbrella of combos:

Winner & Number of Goals: Embark on the task of predicting both the winning team and the tally of goals in the match. A similar wager applies to drawn matches (e.g., draw & under or over 2.5).

Winner & Both Teams To Score: In a parallel vein, stake your claim on forecasting the full-time outcome and whether both teams will find the net or not.

Total Goals & Both Teams To Score: Engage in a twofold prophecy encompassing both teams’ ability to score (or not) and the total goal count.

Correct Score Half-Time & Full-Time: An increasingly prevalent choice, this combination demands precise prognostication of both half-time and full-time scores.

Scorecast: Revel in the challenge of accurately foretelling the player to score the opening goal alongside the ultimate full-time score. This can manifest as a fusion of an anytime scorer’s prediction with the final score or the initial goal-scorer and the victor of the match.

Outright Bets

Embark on a journey through the realm of outright bets, a long-term venture extending to the outcome of an entire competition, tournament, or league. This wager variety demands rigorous research, an endeavor made more navigable by our unveiled football betting guides for outrights. These guides illuminate the essential factors to contemplate when seeking the tournament victor, be it on the grand stage of the World or European Championship or the pinnacle of a domestic league.

Prior to the commencement of the competition, your diligence in groundwork will yield dividends in the form of elevated odds. Outrights extend beyond predicting victors; they encompass prophesying relegation candidates, inaugural goal-scorers, and the tournament or league’s most valuable player.

Football Betting Guides on the Top Leagues

Navigating the world of football betting involves strategic choices, and some discerning bettors find solace in wagering on lower divisions and lesser-known domestic leagues. In these arenas, online bookmakers may lack the fervor to fine-tune their odds, leaving room for discrepancies stemming from incomplete information or oversight. Nevertheless, the allure of profit often leads them to concentrate on the pinnacle leagues:

Champions League: An extensive array of football markets unfurls itself every Tuesday and Wednesday as the Champions League unfolds. The continent’s football giants annually converge in pursuit of European glory. Handicaps and totals emerge as enticing options during group stage matches, where dominant teams often seize decisive victories. In the realm of knockout clashes, draws and Draw No Bet (DNB) selections hold appeal, particularly when teams are more evenly matched.

Europa League: The European stage’s second tier unveils a multitude of prospects. The group stage, in particular, brims with opportunities, as high odds often grace the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market. This phase also presents an opportune moment to seek out underdogs capable of orchestrating upsets. Moreover, markets such as correct scores and totals, especially on elevated lines (e.g., 3.5 goals or 7.5 cards), pique interest.

Premier League: The allure of star-studded lineups and high-profile transfers beckons us to delve into English football. Bookmakers augment the excitement by offering an array of special bets tailored for the English Premier League (EPL). From deciphering the intricacies of football transfers to predicting relegation candidates and top-four finishers, our comprehensive guides cater to a spectrum of preferences.

Serie A: Embarking on wagers centered around Italian rivalries—such as Roma vs. Lazio or Internazionale vs. Milan—proves a tantalizing endeavor, attracting beginners, seasoned bettors, and high-rollers alike. Uncovering markets teeming with competitive odds for specialized bets involving cards, offsides, penalties, and other statistical dimensions enhances the betting experience.

La Liga: The Spanish La Liga beckons bettors with an expansive selection of outright bets, encompassing predictions on championship victors and relegation candidates. Rivalries like Real Madrid vs. Barcelona or Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid present an ideal backdrop for a medley of selections, including draws, both half-time and full-time outcomes, and handicaps.

Ligue 1: This league stands as a crucible of intense competition within Europe, characterized by teams fortified by physical prowess. A statistical analysis reveals that approximately one in five games culminates in a 1-1 draw. This trend underpins the value found in draw-related markets, Both Teams To Score (BTTS), and Under 2.5 goals.

Bundesliga: Germany’s top-tier championship plays host to one of Europe’s most illustrious clubs, Bayern Munich. While the outright market for the league title may be influenced by Bayern’s dominance, the landscape remains fertile for Win-Draw-Win (WDW) and Over/Under goals wagers. The Bundesliga is a stage teeming with formidable favorites and fixtures laden with goal-scoring potential throughout the season.

Why follow our Soccer Betting Guides?

Whether you’re engaging in football betting or wagering on other sports, the pursuit of an advantage over bookmakers remains paramount. Even the most seasoned bettors understand the value of continuously enhancing their understanding through comprehensive analysis of team dynamics, statistics, and the array of information that shapes bookmakers’ perspectives on football. Our football betting guides serve as your compass, directing you towards the crucial elements to scrutinize prior to placing your wagers.

We meticulously dissect various markets, delving into their intricacies while synthesizing statistical insights with team dynamics and individual athlete factors. From moneylines, totals, and handicaps to specialized bets, outright selections, and real-time markets, our endeavor is to empower you to unearth value in soccer betting across both premier and secondary leagues spanning the globe.

Embark on your betting journey with confidence, armed with knowledge that transcends conventional approaches and propels you toward making informed decisions that resonate with success.

FAQ: Football Betting Markets

Q: What exactly is the 3-way moneyline market in football betting?

A: Among the most favored and straightforward soccer bets, the 3-way moneyline requires you to predict the match winner (1 for the home team, 2 for the away team), or the potential for a draw (X). It’s important to note that this outcome pertains solely to the 90 minutes plus injury time, excluding extra time or penalty shootouts.

Q: How can I confidently place wagers on prominent football betting markets?

A: Bookmakers present an extensive spectrum of markets, particularly for high-profile clashes in the top-tier European leagues, as well as the Champions League and Europa League. You can engage in bets encompassing 1X2, totals, and handicaps, or delve into specialized markets like goal scorers, cards, and corners.

Q: What are the most sought-after outright betting choices in football, and what do they entail?

A: The pinnacle of outright bets revolves around predicting the winner of tournaments or leagues in football. To secure winnings, your chosen team must clinch the top spot in a specific domestic, continental, or global competition. Our comprehensive football betting guides provide invaluable insights for adeptly navigating futures wagers and securing victories.

Q: How do I navigate football betting markets centered around penalty kicks?

A: Venturing into penalty-related bets in football presents a challenge, but successful outcomes can yield enticing odds. Bookmakers furnish odds on various penalty scenarios, including the likelihood of a penalty kick being awarded during the game, both teams earning penalties, and the ability to convert from the spot.

Q: What exactly does “covering the handicap” entail in soccer betting?

A: When wagering on a favorite to cover a handicap in football, it demands that the chosen team not only clinches victory but surpasses the specific goal margin established by the bookmaker. For instance, if Burnley hosts Manchester City with a +1.5 goal advantage for the former, a bet on Manchester City to cover the handicap necessitates a triumph by at least a two-goal margin.

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