The Best Dropping Odds Strategy

Dropping odds is a betting condition in which the initial pricing of specified markets fall. Bettors exploit these odds to make a profit, looking for value from any bookmaker who is late in adjusting them. Experienced players keep an eye on the real-time developments with two key goals in mind. They begin by selecting the highest value of one option and then attempt to optimize the ROI (Return on Investment).

If you want to start betting on lowering odds and learn how to beat the bookies, you need sign up with as many as possible. You will have more options and will be better positioned to take advantage of the situation if you proceed in this manner. So keep reading to find out why starting prices fall and how you might develop a winning declining odds method.

Dropping Odds Meaning in Simple Words

Many gamblers use pre-match odds as a strategy to determine where they will place their money. Then they decide whether or not to support the popular choice. Wagering on decreasing odds is betting on a bookmaker who has yet to modify its prices in response to market moves. Assume the average industry odds for over 2.5 goals in a match are 2.00. If a single bookmaker maintains the initial price of 2.40 odds, you can think this is a good bet and place a wager on it.

This betting trend is being formed for a variety of reasons and is influenced by an unknown number of factors. Some inside knowledge about a club or an athlete may be leaked, increasing the betting volume on a particular selection. A favorite’s odds can be influenced by one or more missing influencing players. Another factor could be a rumor that a match is being rigged. Furthermore, significant bets on a given likely outcome can cause online bookmakers and betting exchange companies to lower odds.

Every trend in betting based on a declining odds approach is dictated not only by the elements listed above, but also by the top bookmakers themselves. The top-rated bookmakers define the industry and the likely price trends, allowing the odds to move.

How Moneyway affects odds dropping

Moneyway is an important indicator that displays the quantity and volume of money wagered on a particular event. The more money wagered on one selection, the more likely it is to occur. As a result, the starting chances are affected. When a pick’s Moneyway has a high amount of money wagered, the odds reduce as a logical result.

However, you may have heard of the “heavy boat theory.” What exactly does this mean? This lowering odds issue should not be overstated. Many bettors are loading a specific option, but this does not guarantee that this selection will win. In reality, this theory asserts the inverse. When a boat becomes overloaded and hefty, it is more likely to sink.

Look at popular bets and trendy betting alternatives on hot favorites, which you can find in our Grand National Tips and Predictions. You will discover that many of these favorites do not win, even though they have amassed a substantial total stake. As a result, it’s best to be cautious if you see these situations on the most popular teams.

How to Build a Winning Dropping Odds Strategy

Understanding why chances on a sporting event decline is complicated, but monitoring these movements and using the current betting trends on specific markets is simple. With a tracker, you can cache a large amount of data in a matter of minutes. You will learn the percentage of odds drop, as well as the opening and closing odds. Read on for some practical guidance on developing a decreasing odds strategy.

You should spread your overall money across multiple online bookmakers. There is no set quantity in this lowering odds technique, however having 5-10 distinct accounts appears to be sufficient.

When you uncover something that may alter the English Premier League odds, such as last-minute injuries or suspensions, act quickly. You might be able to gain a jump on the bookmaker. If the odds drop for no obvious reason, you should seriously consider backing the club or player whose odds have improved.

The amount of bookies where odds have moved is the most significant factor to consider when looking at odds. A basic movement is usually reliable when the odds have moved at more than 70% of the accessible betting firms. This is regarded as a global movement.

Another fact is the total proportion of dropped odds. The odds might fall from 1.80 to 1.65, 3.00 to 2.80, or 20.00 to 15.00. Which of them is genuinely deserving of being called a game changer? The “15% Rule” is commonly followed by gamblers; this precise percentage is the minimum limit of change. Any movement greater than 15% will warn those with experience.

Get the best dropping odds tips & win

Do you want to know how bookmakers establish their odds? They want to correct the starting prices to reflect the real chance of a choice occurring or to balance their VIG. A player may benefit from a progressive or sudden decline in the odds. An experienced bettor can get an early return before the game on which he is betting begins. Let us receive advise from the pure lowering odds meaning in pre-game markets utilizing an extreme but true example based on an Estonian Women Meistriliiga volleyball match.

The beginning odds for the visiting team TTU to win at Famila/Voru’s stadium were 2.82. The odds based on TTU plummeted to 1.02 odds a few hours before the game. Let’s examine how a €50 betting on TTU’s win secures returns hours before the game begins.

TTU Starting OddsTTU Dropping OddsDrop Ratio (%)Probable ReturnsPre-match Cash Out
2.821.02-64%€50 x 2.82 = €141€124.4118*

*Pre-match Cash Out = Probable Returns / Dropping Odds x (1-VIG) = 141/1.02 x (1 – 0,1) = 138.2352 x 0.9 = 124.4118.

The bookmaker’s VIG is 10% (i.e., 0.1 as a decimal number), therefore you need understand how cash out is calculated in order to receive a payout close to his possible earnings without having to wait for the match to end. The difference in outcomes is only €16.5882, and the clear pre-match profit is €74.418.

How to use football dropping odds

Another example based on this approach for betting on football dropping odds is presented in the table below. Our example is based on the Italian Serie C match between Ternana and Cavese, and a €50 Double Chance betting on the visitors.

DC Cavese Starting OddsDC Cavese Dropping OddsDrop Ratio (%)Probable ReturnsPre-match Cash Out
3.672.89-21%€50 x 3.67 = €183.5€57.1453

Your clear early returns with a 10% VIG and the pre-match Cash Out service are €7.1453 (i.e., Pre-match Cash Out – Starting Stake). Your potential earrings would be significantly higher if you let the bet roll, but winning about €7 without knowing the outcome isn’t bad at all.

Where to avoid betting on dropping odds

Soft bookmakers, on the other hand, prefer to target casual bettors. The odds adjust very slowly, and savvy bettors who bet on declining odds are deemed annoying. Choosing to develop a dropping odds strategy on these bookmakers should be dangerous if you have a specific pattern (i.e., bet on large stakes at the same competitions all the time). The most likely outcome will be account limits and limitations. Gubbing is a preventative strategy used by soft bookmakers against sharp bettors.

What is betting against dropping odds

Check out what a moneyline is in betting and then read about an alternate decreasing odds approach that goes against them. As more bets are placed, bookmakers will be obliged to modify their prices, impacting the probabilities of both teams. When this happens, they no longer align with the bookmakers’ original match prediction, which is generally more accurate. Let’s see what occurs in the CONCACAF Champions League as Club Leon takes on Toronto FC. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Starting OddsImplied Starting OddsClosing OddsImplied Closing OddsDrop Ratio (%)

Using an implied likelihood calculator, you will see that the prices of this selection’s favorites rise, but the eventual result does not support that pattern. Betting against these odds can be a lucrative approach, especially when backing underdogs. When you observe odds lowering up to 15%, another option is to disregard it. This pattern has nothing to do with the likelihood of a given pick winning. Let’s take a look at the Over 3.5 Goals at Half Time for Dortmund vs. Manchester City in the Champions League.

Starting OddsImplied Starting OddsDropping OddsImplied Dropping OddsDrop Ratio (%)

In this case, the trend raises the selection’s chances of winning from 6.8% to 8.5%. That has no bearing on the odds because the pick’s implied probability remains low.

How to Predict Using Dropping Odds & Win

To profit from lowering odds 1X2, for example, develop a strategy that can identify matches where the lines are pushed down on an Asian bookmaker. Then you can get the best odds on a European online bookmaker. This is because Asian bookmakers have larger ceilings to offer when you put your wager. A bettor can wager more money than European bookmakers, therefore the faster odds fall is a very common occurrence.

You can find odds before they decrease if you are quick enough. Concentrate on a difference of more than 2.5% (for example, from 2.00 to 1.90). It is a simple method that can give you an indication of the likelihood of a given pick. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that the bookmaker’s goal is to balance the potential rewards for all probable outcomes. If you opt to base your strategy on dropping odds 1X2, keep this equality in mind:

Total Bets on Home WIN for Team A x Odds for Team A = Total Bets on Draw x Odds for Draw = Total Bets on Away WIN for Team B x Odds for Team B

You can benefit by taking advantage of lowering odds meaning if you are certain that the odds are too variable. You can identify online betting sites that have not reacted to the falling odds 1X2 and realize the true odds (i.e., reading for their implied likelihood). In these circumstances, placing a value bet is prudent and can secure earnings.

You can prevent this circumstance, though, by placing your bets as soon as the odds are set. The beginning and closing odds are always different. In this instance, you should be prepared; there are last-minute elements that can influence your bet, such as a player’s inability to participate (e.g., due to injury) or likely poor weather circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Odds Drop:

Q: What causes odds to drop?

Odds drop primarily because the majority of bettors overwhelmingly back a specific choice they believe holds value. In response, bookmakers adjust the odds to establish a fair balance that satisfies the betting community.

Q: How can in-play dropping odds be utilized?

Understanding the reasons behind odds fluctuations during a sports event can be complex due to the ever-changing game scenario. Relying solely on odds for conclusions might not always be secure. To make informed decisions and moves, you can adopt the “15% Rule” for both pre-match and in-play betting.

Q: How do bookies influence the market?

Online bookmakers can employ their own tactics by manipulating the odds sets. All betting sites closely monitor the total amount of money placed on a bet. If there’s an excessive wager on a particular team (let’s say Team A), they will lower the odds, leading to a decreased interest in betting on that team.

Q: What is the Odds Drop Ratio?

The Odds Drop Ratio represents the total percentage of odds changes. For instance, consider the odds of 2 (-0.25 A.H.) on Lippstadt against Dusseldorf II in the German Regionalliga West, which decrease from 2.85 to 2.25. The Drop Ratio for this selection is 21%.

Q: Is a dropping odds tracker necessary for bettors?

While it’s essential for players to manually check the odds drop at the start to understand the process, a dropping odds tracker can be incredibly helpful in providing real-time updates on bookmakers’ adjustments.

Q: What do closing odds signify?

Closing odds reflect how the betting market responds to all available information, news, and statistics concerning a particular selection’s outcome. These odds are configured and offered before the match kick-off.

Q: Are dropping odds a sign of fixed matches?

A sudden decrease in odds doesn’t automatically indicate fraud. If bookmakers suspect fixed matches, they typically block the odds for those events, refusing to accept bets and halting any further odds adjustments.

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