VAR Betting In Football

The introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has brought about a significant transformation in the world of football betting. With VAR’s watchful eye leaving no detail unnoticed, various aspects of the game, such as match results, penalties, and red cards, have been affected, leading to changes in odds. Consequently, the technology has opened up new betting options and introduced innovative promotions on sports betting sites.

Impact of VAR on Betting Markets

VAR’s far-reaching influence is most evident in the live wagering markets, where decisions are often suspended until a VAR ruling is made. This has created an opportunity for bettors to gain a competitive edge by understanding the nuances of VAR betting in football. In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze key statistics and delve into football leagues that have already implemented VAR.

Crucial Statistics and Referees’ Role

Referees, whether they are on the field or in the VAR room, hold an immeasurable impact on the outcomes of football games. Their decisions, albeit human, can sometimes lead to mistakes that affect wagers. Given their active role in every match, be it a low-level local game or a high-stakes elite match, it becomes paramount to thoroughly analyze their statistics and behavior, in addition to scrutinizing the players’ and managers’ performance.

VAR Betting Tips for Success

To enhance your betting experience and improve your return on investment (ROI), it is essential to consider certain VAR betting tips:

1. Study Referee Preferences

Some referees are inclined towards awarding penalties or issuing red cards more liberally than others. Familiarize yourself with the tendencies of specific referees to make informed betting decisions.

2. Analyze Team Behavior

Certain teams might be more prone to committing fouls or engaging in risky tackles. Understanding the playing style and temperament of teams can help you anticipate potential VAR interventions.

3. Monitor VAR Reviews

Stay up-to-date with the latest VAR news and reviews. Knowing how VAR decisions have impacted previous matches can offer valuable insights for your betting strategies.

4. Evaluate Historical VAR Data

Examine historical data on VAR interventions in different leagues and competitions. Identifying patterns and trends can give you an edge when placing bets.

5. Consider Match Importance

VAR decisions may vary based on the significance of a match. Take into account the importance of a game and how it might influence the referee’s decisions.

6. Be Cautious with Last-Minute Bets

As VAR can alter the course of a game dramatically, exercise caution when placing last-minute bets, especially if a crucial VAR review is possible.

Pick the Right Bookies for VAR Betting

In the realm of online sports betting, the implementation of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) since 2019 has caused a significant shift in the strategies of all top 100 bookmakers. Adapting to this technological innovation, they have made adjustments to their markets and odds. As a savvy bettor, it’s essential to be well-informed about the offerings provided by different bookies for VAR betting. This article will guide you through the process of choosing the right bookmakers for a seamless VAR betting experience, ensuring that your stakes are protected and your bets are optimized.

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1. VAR Insurance Offers: Safeguarding Your Bets

When engaging in VAR betting, it’s crucial to consider bookmakers that offer VAR insurance. This feature acts as a safety net for your bets, granting you the opportunity to recoup your stake if VAR decisions impact the outcome. By carefully selecting bookies that provide this insurance, you can bet with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected from unexpected VAR-related outcomes.

2. Explore Various VAR-Connected Betting Markets

VAR has opened up a range of new and exciting betting markets for sports enthusiasts. As you select the right bookmaker for VAR betting, be sure to explore the following VAR-connected options:

2.1 Penalty Kicks: Predicting whether a penalty kick will be awarded during a match can be an enticing betting opportunity. VAR has a significant impact on penalty decisions, and certain bookmakers may offer more favorable odds in this market. Analyze the odds offered by different bookies to maximize your potential returns.

2.2 Red Cards: VAR’s involvement in reviewing red card incidents has introduced a fresh dimension to betting on matches. If you believe a red card is likely to be given, finding bookies with attractive odds in this market could prove beneficial to your betting strategy.

2.3 Total Number of VAR Decisions in a Match: Another intriguing VAR-related betting market is predicting the total number of VAR decisions that will occur during a match. Whether it’s for offside calls or reviewing goals, VAR’s impact on the game can lead to several decisions in a single match. Comparing odds across different bookmakers will aid you in making informed bets in this area.

3. Research and Compare Bookmakers

To ensure you make the most of VAR betting, conduct thorough research on various bookmakers and their offerings. Compare the odds, markets, and VAR insurance options provided by different platforms. Look for bookies with a reputation for fair play and transparency, as this ensures a positive betting experience.

4. User-Friendly Interface and Mobile Compatibility

When selecting a bookmaker for VAR betting, prioritize platforms with a user-friendly interface and excellent mobile compatibility. A seamless and intuitive betting experience enhances your overall satisfaction and allows you to place bets conveniently on the go.

5. Stay Updated with VAR-Related News

VAR technology is continually evolving, and its impact on sports betting can change over time. Stay updated with the latest VAR-related news, including changes in VAR rules and its implementation in various leagues. Being well-informed will give you a competitive edge in making accurate predictions and smart betting choices.

Best Strategies to Place a VAR to be Used Bet

In the realm of sports betting, VAR (Video Assistant Referee) plays a significant role, as it helps identify violations that referees may have missed during live play. As a savvy bettor, it’s crucial to understand how VAR decisions can impact your bets, both before the match starts and while it’s in progress. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to navigate VAR-related markets and provide valuable tips to maximize your betting success.

Understanding the Impact of VAR

VAR can have a substantial impact on various aspects of a football match, influencing several betting markets. Here are the key VAR-related areas that you should consider before placing your bets:

Goal/No Goal Decision

A goal scored during a football match can be disallowed due to various reasons, such as offside, handball, offensive foul, or an out-of-play ball. VAR carefully reviews these situations to ensure fair play. As a result, this decision affects numerous betting markets, including the total number of goals, odds/even bets, both teams to score (BTTS), and even the identity of the goalscorers. Approximately 50% of football betting markets can be impacted by VAR’s goal-related decisions.

Penalty Kick/No Penalty Kick

VAR plays a significant role in overturning penalty decisions that were incorrectly awarded or missed by the on-field referee. Betting on penalty-related outcomes and picking winners is closely tied to VAR reviews. As a bettor, it’s essential to research the markets, leagues, and referees involved in a match before finalizing your betslip. This can help you make more informed decisions and potentially capitalize on favorable odds.

Direct Red Card

In the VAR era, every straight red card is subject to review, which in turn affects the betting markets for red and yellow cards. A player may be sent off for violent play, denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity through a handball, or displaying abusive language or insulting behavior. VAR’s involvement in reviewing these incidents can lead to either confirming a red card or downgrading it to a yellow card. This aspect influences the red cards market, where attractive odds can be found, especially in local derbies or highly competitive matches.

Avoid Low-Level Leagues

Corruption is an unfortunate aspect that exists in football, but it is not as rampant as some may believe. While there are instances where referees may show favoritism towards specific teams due to bribery or threats, such cases are relatively uncommon in high-profile leagues. There have been accusations of match-fixing against certain officials, but it’s essential to differentiate between a referee’s biography, skills, and the leagues they officiate in. Referees often come under scrutiny and analysis before officiating elite matches, such as those in the Champions League or the World Cup.

In such high-profile matches, various betting markets emerge, focusing on the actions of the referees. These markets include bets on the number of yellow cards, the likelihood of a red card being shown, or the possibility of a penalty kick being awarded. Consequently, statistics regarding referees and their actions in these elite leagues are more accessible to the public. On the other hand, finding similar comprehensive data for a referee and their assistants in lower-tier leagues, where VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology isn’t available, can be significantly challenging. Therefore, for the best and most reliable football betting markets, it’s wise to concentrate on elite leagues where top referees are appointed to ensure fair and consistent match outcomes.

Using Referee Stats for Informed Betting

Referee statistics, including VAR betting data, are readily available, and understanding these numbers can be beneficial for informed betting. However, it’s crucial to consider various factors while analyzing these stats to draw meaningful conclusions about potential match results. Some websites provide statistics about referees, such as the number of home and away wins, draws, yellow/red cards, and penalty kicks they have awarded. Although these figures are based on real data, they might not always lead to accurate predictions for betting purposes. Much of this information is often too random or irrelevant to be of significant value.

For example, let’s consider a scenario where a referee has officiated eight matches, and in all eight instances, the home team emerged victorious. However, this information becomes less useful if the home teams were genuinely stronger than the visiting teams in those matches. To truly make sense of referee statistics, a more in-depth analysis is necessary. The matches officiated by a referee should be categorized, and their behavior in each category should be examined separately. This way, we can identify patterns and trends that can provide meaningful insights.

Examine Advanced VAR Stats

As a football enthusiast or a bettor, the topic of technology in the sport has always sparked controversy. While some embrace its role in restoring justice, others haven’t been as welcoming. When it comes to VAR betting, understanding its impact is crucial.

To make informed decisions before placing bets on VAR-related markets, such as Over/Under VAR decisions, total penalty kicks, and red cards in a match, it’s essential to examine all VAR-related statistics for referees, leagues, and teams. Let’s delve into how VAR has influenced the number of goals scored and the penalties awarded in previous seasons.

Impact on Big-5 European Leagues

The Big-5 European Leagues, including the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, and the French Ligue 1, have been the focus of statisticians’ analysis. They discovered a significant 15% increase in awarded penalties compared to the period before the 2019/2020 season. This fact has a profound influence on all Over/Under bets. Another vital statistic to consider is the length of injury time. Since the implementation of VAR, matches’ duration has, on average, increased by 71 seconds.

Significance of Injury-Time Goals

In all competitions, be it domestic or continental, injury-time goals have the potential to change the game’s outcome. Thus, it becomes imperative to understand this factor not only for making betting decisions but also for cash-out choices.

VAR & No VAR Leagues

Bettors often prefer leagues with VAR because referees have a lesser impact on the final result. Previously, bettors would consider a team’s current form, statistics, position in the table, home-field advantage, injuries, and bans before placing bets. However, with the ability to check the monitor, VAR has become an integral part of online betting.

High-level European leagues, such as the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, have embraced VAR. Additionally, major continental club competitions like the Champions League and Europa League, along with national team tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA’s Euro Championship, the Copa America, and the African Nations Cup, have adopted VAR.

On the other hand, there are several tournaments, such as the Europa Conference League, the early rounds of the English FA Cup, and lower domestic divisions, where VAR has not been implemented yet. Some live bettors avoid VAR betting, as they perceive technology as a momentum killer in football due to the frequent suspensions of markets it causes. Consequently, they prefer leagues without VAR, enabling them to make quicker decisions without VAR stoppages.

Can VAR Check Betting Be Profitable?

In the world of football betting, the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has sparked numerous discussions about its impact on wager outcomes. Many punters wonder if VAR can actually be used to their advantage and make their bets more profitable. In this article, we will explore various strategies to minimize the effect of VAR on your bets and increase your chances of winning.

Analyzing the 2021/22 English Premier League

To gain insights into the influence of VAR, let’s take a look at the 2021/22 English Premier League season. Despite controversial VAR decisions throughout the season, the final standings remained quite similar to what they would have been without VAR. Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea would have still emerged as the top contenders even if VAR decisions were excluded from the equation. The differences in points were relatively minor, indicating that VAR did not dramatically alter the league’s outcome.

However, at the bottom of the table, VAR did have a slight impact. Burnley, Norwich, and Watford would have experienced a slight change in points, which affected their relegation fate. Nonetheless, the overall influence was limited, reaffirming the need to consider various factors when placing bets.

VAR Betting Tips for Greater Profitability

To make the most out of your football bets amidst VAR, consider the following VAR betting tips:

1. Understanding Referees’ and VAR’s Impact

First and foremost, gain a deep understanding of how referees and VAR influence football matches. VAR’s decisions can affect various betting markets, such as goal scorer betting, differently from other types of bets. By distinguishing between VAR-related and non-VAR-related markets, you can tailor your betting strategies accordingly.

2. Look Out for VAR Promotions

Some bookies offer VAR promotions, including VAR insurance. This means that if a winning goal is disallowed by VAR technology, your stake will be refunded. Identifying bookmakers with such promotions can be advantageous and offer some level of insurance to your bets.

3. Avoid Live Betting with VAR

When a match is under VAR review, bookmakers typically suspend in-play betting markets until the VAR decision is made. This can disrupt your betting momentum and lead to impulsive decisions. To avoid this, consider abstaining from live betting on matches where VAR is in use. Additionally, be cautious of unreliable betting sites that may cancel bets under VAR circumstances.

4. Research Referees’ Performance

Incorporate referees’ performance into your pre-match research, along with analyzing teams’ and players’ latest news. Some referees may have a higher propensity to make VAR interventions, and being aware of their tendencies can help you anticipate potential outcomes.

5. Compare Statistical Data

Compare statistical data from your favorite leagues and tournaments to assess how VAR has influenced them over time. Analyzing patterns and trends can provide valuable insights into how VAR impacts specific teams and leagues, aiding your betting decisions.


How Referees Influence Football Betting

In the realm of football, it’s not just star players who can sway the course of a game; referees also possess the ultimate power to leave a lasting impact on the outcome. From shaping the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) betting markets to influencing correct scores, Over/Under predictions, and goalscoring markets, the decisions made by referees carry immense significance. Even something as simple as awarding a penalty or sending off a player can have ripple effects on the card market and potentially alter the match result, providing a crucial advantage to the team left with a full squad.

The Referee’s Role in Football Betting

Referees play a vital role in the world of football betting. Understanding their impact on a match and your bets is essential for making informed decisions. As a bettor, it is crucial to gather sufficient information about the referees officiating the game. This includes studying their behavior on the field, analyzing their statistics regarding cards and penalties, and reviewing their previous match results. Fortunately, match officials are typically announced a few days before kickoff, offering ample time to conduct thorough research before placing any bets.

The Best Markets for VAR Betting

With the advent of VAR technology, certain football markets have been significantly affected. Bookmakers now offer betting options that revolve around how many VAR decisions a referee will make during a match. As VAR is increasingly being used to review critical match incidents, such as penalty kicks and red card decisions, it is essential for bettors to focus on these specific markets where VAR’s impact is pronounced. Keeping a close eye on such markets and aligning your betting strategy accordingly can prove advantageous.

Making Profit from VAR Betting Tips

Utilizing VAR to your advantage in football betting allows you to make well-informed and timely decisions, particularly in relation to specific markets. To excel in VAR betting, it is crucial to pay attention to VAR-related markets, such as red cards and penalties. Additionally, seeking out bookmakers that offer enticing promotions, like refunds in case VAR disallows your team’s winning goal, can enhance your overall betting experience and boost potential profits.

Uncommon Occurrence: Referees Scoring Goals

While referees can influence football matches and bets in numerous ways, it is an exceedingly rare and intriguing sight to witness an official score a goal. Nonetheless, there have been a few instances where referees have unexpectedly found themselves on the scoresheet. One notable example took place in May 2019, when Maurice Paarhuis inadvertently scored HSV Hoek’s second away goal with his left foot during their 4-2 defeat against Harkemase Boys in the Dutch 4th tier. Interestingly, according to the official rule, the referee is considered a ‘natural obstacle’ on the field, validating the goal he scored.

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