Virtual Sports betting – all you need to know

In recent years, virtual sports have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, despite being a relatively novel pursuit. While the world of sports betting may still be unfamiliar to many, this is particularly true among the more traditional and conservative groups.

Top-tier online sports betting platforms like Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, and Ladbrokes are constantly exploring fresh avenues to enhance the entertainment options for their members. In response to the ever-growing demand, they not only seamlessly integrate these thrilling new betting prospects into their sportsbooks but also substantially expand the array of betting markets and opportunities available to their users.

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Introduction to virtual sports

virtual tennis betting

Virtual sports events are powered by sophisticated software designed to create and manage gameplay seamlessly. This software utilizes a specialized algorithm known as a random number generator (RNG), similar to the ones used in slot machines and casino games. The purpose of this RNG is to ensure that the outcomes of these virtual events are completely fair, unbiased, and entirely random, providing a level playing field for punters who wager on these events.

One of the key reasons for the popularity of virtual sports lies in its ability to allow players to assemble their own fantasy sports teams. Additionally, the virtual nature of these events enables punters to place bets based on their predictions across a wide range of computer-generated leagues and matches, available around the clock.

So, what exactly is a Virtual Sports Game?

These games feature the names and statistics of real sports stars, actual teams, and players competing on virtual pitches that faithfully replicate the stadiums of their real-life counterparts. In essence, the action in virtual sports is inspired by the dynamics of real-life sporting events.

Each sport closely mimics the gameplay of its real-life counterpart, with advanced audio and graphics rendering engines delivering incredibly realistic 3D visuals. This attention to detail creates an immersive experience that closely mirrors the on-field action.

For instance, in virtual football, players maintain their positions, mirroring the movements and tactics seen in real-life matches. Goalkeepers strive to make crucial saves, referees enforce the rules, flashing yellow cards and awarding penalties when necessary, and linesmen mark the spots where the ball goes out of bounds. Injuries can also occur, and the virtual crowds even chant club-themed songs, perfectly matched to the venue and teams in attendance. The result is a virtual sports experience that feels almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Origins of Virtual Sports

In the pioneering days of virtual sports, back in 1961, John Burgeson set the stage by crafting the inaugural program on an IBM 1620 computer, armed with a mere 20 KB of RAM. His creation was none other than fantasy baseball. Even in those early days, John’s program, reminiscent of today’s simulators, harnessed the power of a random number generator (RNG) to ensure a truly fair outcome in the simulated clashes between two teams, all thanks to self-contained software.

As the years passed, this technology evolved and grew in complexity, culminating in the refined masterpiece that graces the modern sportsbooks of online bookmakers. In its current form, the virtual sports betting product stands as a testament to the enormous strides it has taken since its inception, delivering an unparalleled quality and experience, surpassing its humble beginnings by leaps and bounds.

What Types of Virtual Sports Does Bookmakers Offer Online?

Virtual Football: Immerse yourself in the excitement of predicting and placing winning bets on computer-generated virtual matches. Just like real sports, online bookmakers offer competitive odds on each game. These virtual games feature player names, teams, sports venues, leagues, FC clubs, events, contests, tournaments, competitions, and championships that faithfully mirror their real-life counterparts.

Virtual Tennis: Step into the world of virtual tennis and wager on your favorite virtual tennis stars, each with lifelike attributes and statistics that closely resemble their real-life counterparts. Competitions and tournaments take place in virtual tennis stadiums that closely resemble the ones you see on televised matches.

Virtual Horse Racing: Experience the thrill of virtual horse racing, which mirrors the excitement of its real-life counterpart. Choose from a variety of races inspired by actual local and international events, complete with horses, riders, event statistics, markets, and betting options that parallel those found in real equine competitions.

Virtual Basketball: For basketball enthusiasts, there’s a world of virtual games to wager on, featuring the names and likenesses of your favorite real athletes. Betting markets and options are available 24/7, allowing you to bet on the virtual performances of your beloved sports stars and teams whenever you please.

Virtual Greyhounds: Enjoy a racing experience similar to live greyhound races, with virtual dogs bearing the same names as those you’d find at the track daily. While the betting options may be somewhat restricted, the excitement of the races remains just as dynamic as the real thing.

Moto and Car Racing: Get behind the wheel of virtual racing action that features names, teams, and team colors identical to those found on real tracks worldwide. Covering F1, WRC, and sprint races, these virtual races bring the excitement of racing legends to your fingertips.

Badminton: Take a courtside seat and bet on the performances of internationally acclaimed badminton stars whenever you desire, eliminating the need to wait for an actual match. Enjoy more frequent wagering opportunities.

Table Tennis: Bet on the outcomes of virtual games populated by likenesses of real players and their career statistics. Experience near-identical virtual representations of iconic venues like Wimbledon, complete with enthusiastic crowds and strawberries and scones.

Velodrome: Dive into the world of virtual high-speed cycling, with computer-generated imagery that brings Olympians to life. Experience the visual and auditory ambiance of cycling events while exploring a comprehensive range of betting options and markets.

Archery: Explore one of the oldest competitive sports still widely practiced today. Bet on virtual archery competitions featuring lifelike representations of skilled archers engaged in pitched battles. Compete and display your range skills in the virtual world.

Trotting: Witness and bet on one of the most stylish events in the equestrian world, featuring familiar equestrian and rider names from circuits around the real world. Points are awarded for style, horse and rider attitude, and horsemanship. Virtual trotting offers a chance to wager on your favorite equine stars in competitions worldwide.

Virtual Sports features

virtual sports betting

Leagues and Tournaments

Virtual football stands as a cornerstone of online punting, offering continuous action and the freedom for punters to bet on as many matches as they desire. While traditional football boasts an extensive roster of over 100 leagues and competitions worldwide, virtual football betting narrows its focus to domestic and international events. However, key factors such as the variety of betting markets and leagues are still pivotal, albeit streamlined to accommodate the shorter duration of each virtual fixture.


Primarily provided by a select few major UK online bookmakers but also available in a more condensed format through smaller sportsbooks, virtual horse and dog racing grant punters the opportunity to wager on races long after the day’s live racing action has concluded.

Live Streaming

Thanks to its digital nature, virtual sports offer the added advantage of real-time coverage for every event as it unfolds. This translates into an enriched betting experience for punters, allowing them to follow the events they’ve wagered on in real time.

Event Duration

The duration of virtual sports events varies based on the sport and specific event. Typically, virtual football matches span anywhere from 15 to 90 real-time minutes. Leading sportsbook brands introduce new matches or events approximately every three minutes, presenting punters with a variety of betting options to swiftly grasp the nuances of betting on virtual sports.

Virtual Teams & Athletes

As previously mentioned, virtual sportsbooks transport players into a world teeming with virtual counterparts of prominent local and international sporting fixtures. This encompassing realm includes tournaments, competitions, championships, leagues, races, games, and sporting events, all populated by renowned real-world sports stars, past and present legends, heroes, and celebrities. The team colors and equipment mirror those seen in actual sports events worldwide.

Results & Statistics

Prominent creators of virtual sports products furnish a comprehensive array of individual competitor statistics, team statistics, and individual team member statistics for team-based sports. Similar to other computer-generated gaming genres like slots or online roulette, virtual sports employ a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine event outcomes, ensuring complete fairness and randomness in the results.

Leading creators of virtual sports products provide a comprehensive array of individual player statistics, team statistics, and individual team member statistics for team-based sports. Much like other computer-generated gambling genres such as slots or online roulette, virtual sports utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to dictate event outcomes, ensuring absolute fairness in the results through pure randomness.

Virtual Sports advantages and disadvantages

Virtual football betting

When it comes to comparing virtual sports with their real-life counterparts, there are distinct similarities and differences that shape the advantages and disadvantages of each. Let’s take a closer look at what virtual sports bring to the table:

Pros of Virtual Sports:

  • Novelty and Innovation: Virtual sports represent the cutting edge of entertainment, harnessing the latest technologies to create a fresh and exciting experience that many punters find highly appealing.
  • Abundance of Betting Opportunities: Virtual sports offer an abundance of betting options, with some events occurring every three minutes, 24/7, 365 days a year. This constant availability ensures non-stop action for punters.
  • Flexible Betting Hours: Unlike real-life events that are bound by specific schedules, virtual sports allow punters to wager at any time, day or night, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Immersive Graphics: Thanks to ultra-realistic graphics, virtual sports events provide an immersive experience that closely mirrors real-life sports, adding to the excitement of live-streamed events.
  • Learning Opportunity: Virtual sports provide an ideal learning ground for newcomers to the sports betting scene, allowing them to gain valuable experience at an accelerated pace.
  • Regulation and Fairness: Virtual sports operate in a well-regulated environment, reducing the risk of scams or fraudulent activities, ensuring a fair and secure betting experience.
  • Swift Bet Settlement: Unlike certain real-life sports events that can take days to conclude, virtual sports offer speedy resolution of bets, providing punters with quicker outcomes.
  • Profit Potential: Virtual sports offer profitable opportunities for both punters and operators, making it a financially appealing option.

Cons of Virtual Sports:

  • Limited Transferable Knowledge: Betting strategies and knowledge gained from real sports gambling may not necessarily apply to virtual sports, requiring punters to adapt their approach.
  • Limited Betting Markets: Virtual sports typically offer a more restricted selection of markets compared to real sports, where you can find an extensive array of up to 100 markets for a single event.
  • Reduced Skill Element: Predicting outcomes in virtual sports often involves less judgment and skill compared to analyzing real sports events.
  • Limited Betting Options: Virtual sports may not provide the same breadth of betting options that are readily available in real sports markets.
  • Lower Publicity: Real sports events generate significant public interest, leading to substantial funding and exposure, which may not be as prevalent in the virtual sports arena.
  • Learning Curve: Developing an effective virtual sports betting strategy may require some time and effort to acquire the necessary knowledge and insights.

Unlike the extensive range of betting choices that real sports enthusiasts enjoy, virtual sports betting options are currently more constrained. For instance, virtual football doesn’t provide popular betting features like the First or Last Goal Scorer, and there’s a similar scarcity of Set Betting options in virtual tennis.

Real Sports vs. Virtual Sports

virtual sports

Real sports and virtual sports naturally exhibit distinctions in their characteristics. A primary distinction, particularly in terms of entertainment, lies in their accessibility. Virtual sports, with their constant availability, have surged in popularity as they offer a unique form of entertainment.

In the realm of real sports, regulation is enforced by governing bodies and officials, ensuring adherence to the rules of the game by players and coaches. Conversely, virtual sports are subject to regulation by licensing authorities, overseeing the operation of games, the integrity of the software, and, crucially, the random number generators responsible for determining outcomes.

Another notable contrast emerges in the diversity of markets and betting options. Real sports boast a wide array of options, allowing punters to make informed decisions based on genuine statistics, tips, and past performance. In contrast, virtual sports rely on generated statistics, akin to electronic games of chance.

This distinction extends to the social aspect of sports. Virtual sports lack the ability to offer social interactions among punters or replicate the vibrant atmosphere of live sports events. Most participants in virtual sports recognize the artificial nature of the experience and embrace it. However, newcomers should be aware that, along with these distinctions, there is a cost associated with virtual sports, akin to the expense of purchasing tickets to attend a live sports event, when enjoyed responsibly.

Available betting options and markets

The landscape of betting markets in virtual sports is expanding in tandem with its growing popularity. While traditionally, most bookmakers offered a limited selection of markets encompassing football, basketball, horse racing, and greyhound racing, recent additions like tennis have opened up new avenues for punters. Let’s delve into each of these virtual sports and explore the diverse betting options they offer:

Football: Football enjoys a prominent position in virtual sports, owing to its vast fan base and straightforward betting options. Punters can place bets on full-time outcomes, halftime scores, handicaps, and total goals. Full-time bets hinge on the final result, halftime bets focus on the score at the midpoint, handicap bets revolve around the perceived differences between participating teams/players, and total goals bets are self-explanatory, centered on the total number of goals scored.

Basketball: Virtual basketball offers a comprehensive array of betting markets. Options typically include winner bets, total points, winning margin, handicaps, Race to X, and team total. What sets basketball apart is the depth within each market category, with choices like match winner, 1st half winner, highest-scoring quarter, and over/under, providing punters with a rich assortment of wagering opportunities.

Horse Racing: With its widespread global appeal, virtual horse racing is a fan favorite. The available betting options closely mirror those of real horse racing, featuring win bets, place bets, forecasts, and tricasts, providing punters with a familiar and straightforward betting experience.

Greyhound Racing: Virtual dog racing parallels horse racing, not only in its racing format but also in its betting options. Punters can choose from win bets, place bets, forecasts, and tricasts, simplifying the betting process and making it accessible to a wide audience.

Tennis: In virtual tennis, the betting choices revolve around specific aspects of the game. Punters can wager on game outcomes, set results, match winners, and favorites. These options are intuitive, with bets on favorites targeting individual players, game bets focusing on individual games within a set, match bets predicting the overall winner, and set bets honing in on the victor of a particular set.

virtual horse racing

Live betting on Virtual Sports – is it available?

Live betting, in its traditional form akin to in-play betting, seamlessly integrates with the world of virtual sports. These virtual games run continuously, and the duration of matches or events can often be measured in minutes rather than hours. Consequently, live betting is not only feasible but also highly engaging, thanks to the brief nature of most virtual sporting events. While it’s true that not all virtual sports offer in-play options, the exciting realm of live betting remains accessible across many virtual sports, adding an extra layer of excitement to the virtual sports betting experience.

Virtual sports bonuses – are there any promo codes?

The availability of virtual sports bonuses primarily hinges on the specific sportsbook you choose. Nevertheless, in response to the growing demand for virtual sports betting, many sportsbooks have started introducing enticing bonuses tailored to cater to punters interested in this exciting betting realm. The good news is that the majority of these bonuses do not necessitate the use of a specific bonus code; instead, opting in is typically sufficient to qualify for any available bonus.

It’s important to note that most, if not all, virtual sports bonuses tend to be in line with standard new player registration bonuses in terms of the bonus amount. However, some sportsbooks sweeten the deal by including virtual sport free bets as an added incentive, enhancing the overall virtual sports betting experience for punters.

Virtual Sports betting providers

betsafe virtual sports football

Numerous sports betting providers embrace the world of virtual sports games, with their ranks continuously expanding. Yet, among the multitude, four distinct providers shine brightly. Their prominence is founded on the innovative platforms they’ve developed and the rich variety of virtual sports they offer.


For over a decade, SBTech has been at the forefront of providing solutions to the sports betting industry. With a global presence spanning eight offices and a team of over 1000 professionals, they operate in fifteen regulated markets. SBTech’s deep roots in the iGaming sector reflect their commitment to technical excellence, empowering clients’ businesses to flourish. Their ability to adapt their product range ensures a unique and captivating solution, aligning with market trends. SBTech offers a range of virtual sports, including soccer, basketball, horse racing, and virtual vinthundar, each featuring a diverse array of matches and games, ensuring a constant stream of exciting betting events.


BtoBet is a provider of cutting-edge tools tailored for the sportsbook market. Their virtual betting segment shines with its focus on betting markets, graphical quality, multiple events, leagues, and immersive gameplay. All virtual sports games are presented in immersive 3D graphics, accompanied by detailed statistics that enhance the realism of the user experience, making it truly entertainment-driven. BtoBet’s virtual sports portfolio includes football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, and virtual dogs. Their virtual football offers sixteen virtual teams, live scores, statistical insights, live tables, and over 2400 daily fixtures. Virtual Tennis features sixteen-player tournaments with new matches every 3.5 minutes, supported by comprehensive match and player statistics. Similarly, virtual basketball offers eight new games every 3.5 minutes, complete with in-depth analysis through its statistics center.


BetSys stands as a prominent sports betting software company with a 15-year track record of serving regulated markets and tailoring solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Their extensive product range has propelled them to become a leading sports betting solution provider in Eastern and Central Europe. Among their offerings, virtual sports hold a place of significance, currently featuring virtual horse racing. New races are launched every ten minutes, with each race based on real European horse races, averaging 3-4 minutes in duration. BetSys’ software is available in multiple languages and includes adjustable graphics, combi bets, and solo bets.


Betradar is a comprehensive provider of betting services, encompassing various aspects of the industry, including virtual betting. Their products are utilized by over 180 online bookmakers worldwide. Betradar’s virtual sports offerings prioritize graphical excellence, engaging gameplay, diverse events, tournaments, and leagues. These offerings are backed by extensive game analysis, delivering a realistic and immersive experience for punters. Notably, all virtual sports include statistics akin to those available for real sporting events, enhancing the authenticity of the betting experience. Betradar’s virtual sports lineup includes football, basketball, virtual horse racing, and virtual dog racing, and they are among the few to offer virtual in-play sports.

What is the house edge in virtual sports?

Virtual sports operate on the same principles as other games of chance, with a distinctive focus on the world of sports rather than traditional casino games. The outcomes of virtual sports events, races, or matches are determined by a random number generating software program, resulting in odds that, over time, favor the house. While each event provides statistical data, your odds are influenced by the total number of participants. To maintain a sense of realism, a handicapping system is integrated, ensuring a balanced outcome that can favor either the casino or the punter, much like other games of chance.

Mobile betting platform of Virtual Sports

The accessibility of virtual sports for mobile users is widespread, with numerous leading sportsbooks providing mobile virtual betting options. This prevalence is a result of many sportsbooks adopting mobile browser-based access that mirrors the desktop experience, guaranteeing that all betting markets and features are readily available to those who prefer playing on their mobile devices. This seamless transition ensures that punters enjoy an identical experience across all virtual gaming categories, maintaining consistent quality and performance levels.

Is it legal to bet on Virtual Sports?

nordicbet virtual sports betting

The legality of virtual betting hinges on your country of residence. While some countries permit sports betting, others may have restrictions that extend to virtual betting and other games of chance. Determining the legality in your specific case depends on the laws governing your country and jurisdiction. Online bookmakers take extensive measures to comply with the regulations of each country they operate in, obtaining the necessary licenses for virtual sports betting. With the aid of modern geolocation software, it’s generally safe to assume that virtual sports betting is allowed under your account if you’re using a reputable platform. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to confirm its legality before placing real money wagers.

Who guarantees the fairness in Virtual Sports Betting?

The task of ensuring the authenticity of random number generators, crucial for fairness in virtual sports betting, lies within the purview of specialized auditors and licensing commissions. They diligently assess and validate the true randomness of the algorithms employed by sportsbooks, guaranteeing a level playing field for punters engaged in virtual sports betting.

Tips for betting on Virtual sports

  1. Choose Your Virtual Sports Wisely
    • Your choice of virtual sports can significantly impact your betting success. The availability of virtual sports may vary from one platform to another. It’s essential to be discerning and opt for sports with a manageable number of teams or players. Consider the variations in minimum and maximum participants; for instance, horse racing might involve up to fifteen horses, while greyhound races typically feature six. Betting on sports with fewer participants can improve your odds of winning.
  2. Practice Responsible Bankroll Management
    • Virtual sports betting relies on random number generators for results, making it a somewhat volatile market. Unlike traditional sports betting, where you wager on real-life teams or players, virtual sports offer a designed virtual environment with a slight house edge. To mitigate losses, it’s advisable to place smaller bets. Remember that virtual sports betting should be seen as entertainment, so adjust your bet sizes accordingly.
  3. Avoid Chasing Losses
    • Chasing losses is a common pitfall in betting. Believing that a big win is imminent can lead to irresponsible betting behavior. In virtual sports, where outcomes are computer-generated and based on chance, chasing losses seldom results in a positive outcome and often leads to further losses.
  4. Be Selective in Your Betting Choices
    • Carefully choose the types of bets you place. As mentioned earlier, selecting the right sports to bet on is crucial. Conduct research to identify sports with better odds of winning and focus your bets there. A general rule is to avoid races, events, games, or tournaments with more than eight participants, as larger fields can reduce your chances of success.
  5. Consider Betting on Favorites
    • While virtual sports outcomes are determined by random number generators, betting on favorites can be a prudent strategy. While the potential winnings may be smaller, betting on favorites generally leads to more frequent wins. As in traditional sports betting, employing hedging strategies can also be effective. However, it’s essential to limit such bets to ensure responsible bankroll management.


Which virtual sports are ideal for betting?

Football stands out as one of the best virtual sports for betting. Its popularity is attributed to the high-quality simulations and the wide range of options it offers. Football betting is accessible and doesn’t require in-depth knowledge to succeed. With options like match-winner, correct score, double chance, total goals scored, both teams score, and more, it provides ample betting opportunities.

Are Virtual Sports Rigged?

This common concern about virtual sports is often misunderstood. Virtual sports results are entirely random, generated by reliable random number generating software. Rigging games is impossible due to rigorous testing and regulation by licensed sportsbooks. They ensure the authenticity of results through regular checks of RNG systems.

Are There Virtual Sports Betting Strategies?

Yes, some punters use betting strategies in virtual sports. They analyze stats for upcoming events and may bet on “First Half Win” to simplify their decisions. However, it’s crucial to understand that virtual sports outcomes are computer-generated, making long-term success with exact strategies challenging to guarantee.

How Can I Make Successful Bets in Virtual Sports?

Success in virtual sports betting depends on your strategy and bankroll management. Remember that virtual betting differs from traditional sports betting due to its virtual nature. Be patient, responsible, and know when to stop after a significant win, considering the inherent randomness.

Can I Bet on Virtual Sports via Mobile Apps and Websites?

Yes, most bookmakers offer virtual betting through mobile apps and websites. Mobile websites, in particular, closely resemble their desktop counterparts, ensuring accessibility for mobile users.

What Types of Odds Are Available for Virtual Sports?

Virtual betting odds are based on probabilities, similar to traditional sports betting. Common odds types include over/under, double chance, and others commonly used in sports betting.

How Do I Choose the Best Bookmaker for Virtual Sports Betting?

Selecting the best bookmaker depends on your experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that many bookmakers use software from the same providers. To make an informed choice, access websites like ours for comprehensive bookmaker reviews, highlighting their strengths, bonuses, banking options, and more to aid your decision.

Are Virtual Sports Limited to Specific Times of the Day?

No, one of the advantages of virtual sports betting is its 24/7 availability. Virtual sports don’t adhere to specific schedules, making them accessible at any time.

Is Virtual Sports Betting Regulated?

Yes, virtual sports betting is subject to regulation, often at or above the standards applied to online casinos. These regulations ensure the fairness of the software, protect players, casinos, and guarantee truly random results.


Virtual sports betting, while still relatively unfamiliar to many, is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity. Its availability through sportsbooks and bookmakers, coupled with robust regulation by licensing authorities, has instilled confidence among both punters and betting platforms. Bookmakers are increasingly embracing virtual sports as an extension of their offerings, further fueling its growth.

The future success of virtual sports betting hinges on two crucial factors: increased traffic and the diversification of available sports. As we consider the vast global sports betting market and the overall interest it generates, these elements will play pivotal roles in its sustained growth.

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